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Sri Lanka

With golden sands stretching across a sumptuous Indian Ocean fringed coastline, an interior glowing from the rich hues of nature and revered sites of enchanting ancient splendour, the island nation of Sri Lanka is an enticing holiday destination.

Known as the ‘Teardrop Island’, Sri Lanka beckons with its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, from the soft sands of its east and west coastlines, to the rolling valleys of its mountainous central regions, to the lush swathes of tea plantations.

Together with eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the garden city of Kandy, the ancient city of Sigiriya and the fortress city of Galle, a holiday to Sri Lanka is also a chance to explore a country replete with fascinating cultural and historical references.

Stunning Sri Lanka Indian Ocean Highlights Sri Lanka Highlights

Key Highlights of Sri Lanka

  • Stepping on the soft sands of Sri Lanka’s Indian Ocean-fringed coastline
  • Admiring the vivid colours of Sri Lanka’s stunning interior
  • Exploring the historic fortress city of Galle
  • Venturing into the heart of Sri Lanka to glorious Kandy
  • Touring the majestic ancient city of Sigiriya
  • Heading on safari in pursuit of the elephants at Yala National Park

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Packing tips

A glorious coastline with an intriguing interior, Sri Lanka is a wonderful country that still seems somewhat under the radar. From exploring timeless ruins to riding elephants to lying on soft sands, there are a myriad of options when travelling to this island in the Indian Ocean.

The peak season for tourists is the summer. At this time, you will need shorts and t-shirts during the day as it is likely to be warm and sunny every day. Beachwear is obviously needed, maybe a few options, and the usual sunscreen, after sun and insect repellent are important. If it does rain, chances are that it will be far too hot and humid to wear a rain coat but maybe a small umbrella can come in handy.

In the evenings it may cool off a bit but it is still light fabrics and loose clothing that you will need. Within the resorts, sandals are likely to be more than fine. The community is liberal but make sure clothing is appropriate.

There are a lot of trips inland and, if you take these, then appropriate footwear will be crucial. Places like Galle, Kandy and Sigiriya are wonderful to explore but be prepared with daypacks. If you are doing an overnight trip then you might need a warmer jumper because it can get cooler inland.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the administrative capital with Colombo being the commercial capital and largest city.
  • Currency-Sri Lankan rupee
  • Language-Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages
  • Time Zone-GMT +5.30.

Weather in Sri Lanka

There is a tropical climate in Sri Lanka with dry and wet seasons. It is quite a year-round destination for holidaymakers.

In the south west you get rain from May to September with the dry season coming in between December and March. By contrast, the north and eastern regions are dry from May to September with the wind and rain coming in from October to January. October and November can see thunderstorms across the island.

Generally speaking, December through April is the peak season for the best weather and this brings the largest crowds to Sri Lanka. The season from April to September can be a great time to go with better prices, lower crowds and good countrywide weather.

Sri Lanka

by Kristin Addis


Sri Lanka is an island nation off the coast of India. With a steady increase of visitors over the past decade or so, Sri Lanka has gradually become a tourism favourite amongst visitors from all over the world. Thanks to its natural beauty, friendly locals, and delicious food, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country.

The following are some excellent ways to get to know Sri Lanka:


With its rolling hills, sharp mountains and lush environment, the lower middle of Sri Lanka is famous for its ideal tea-growing conditions. The tea industry in Sri Lanka is huge - it employs over 1 million people and contributes 2% to the country’s gross domestic product. As the fourth largest producer of tea in the world, Sri Lanka’s tea plantations are a must-see during your holiday there.

One big reason to visit this area, whether you’re a tea lover or not, is the beautiful surroundings. Most plantations along the way from the towns of Kandy to Ella offer factory tours, tea, cakes, and lunch. Popular plantations include Mackwoods, Glen Loch, and many of the smaller plantations in and around Nuwara Eliya and Tea Country.


Adam’s Peak is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. During the pilgrimage season, runs from Duruthu poya day in December or January and continues until the Vesak poya in May, it carries spiritual and religious significance for those climbing the 5,000 stairs to the top for sunrise. The weather tends to be better during this time but crowds are naturally larger.

Adam’s peak (or Sri Prada) is so-named because Christians and Muslims believe that Adam’s footprint rests at the top. According to Buddhists, it is the Buddha’s footprint and if you ask a Hindu, it belongs to Shiva.

During pilgrimage season the lamps along the pathway are lit as hundreds of people make the trek. During the off-season, be sure to bring along a headlamp as the lights are off during those months. Either way, food and refreshments are served at the top, including chai tea and roti.


Given Sri Lanka is an island; it’s naturally full of beautiful beach destinations that each have their unique selling points. Near Colombo, Kalpitiya is famous for dolphin watching and a nice selection of eco-lodges. Though there are lovely beaches in the lesser visited north and east as well, the south of the island is the most popular amongst tourists.

Along the south coast, Mirissa is a laid-back beach town that is populated with surfers. Depending on the season, whale watching is also a popular activity in the region. All along the coastline from Mirissa to Galle, a tourist-favourite, there are many beautiful beaches and guesthouses and hotels to stay at along the way. Be sure to watch out for the famous fishermen on stilts all along the coastline.

When visiting Galle, one feels transported back to the country’s colonial past with its well-preserved Dutch fort, which has plenty of European-style shopping and cafes in and around it. The surrounding beaches are full of bars and restaurants set up right on the sand.


Sri Lanka is the ideal place to go on safari thanks to the rich animal and birdlife on the island. Plan on seeing everything from the peacock – the country’s national bird – to leopards and elephants. In fact, Sri Lanka boasts the largest density of elephants in Asia.

Two excellent places for safari are Yala National Park and Minneriya National Park. In both parks, it’s possible to join a group or to hire a private guide to drive a jeep into the park, as private cars are not allowed. Tours can be organized near the entrance or with your accommodation in the area.


For a peek into the past, head to the Cultural Triangle for a sense of medieval Sri Lankan art and architecture. Pollonaruwa is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the second oldest kingdom in Sri Lankan history. The ruins from the 1300s are still more or less intact and quite impressive in size.

Dambulla is another stop on the Cultural Triangle for cave temples with well-preserved drawings and paintings on the cave walls.

Finally, Sigiriya Rock is an iconic and impressive site, featuring the remains of a fifth-century citadel, which sits at the top of Lion Rock. Prepare for a walk up several flights of stairs to see it, but the jungle views stretching in every direction at the top make it worth it.

Getting Around

There are two easy and comfortable ways to get around Sri Lanka. The most common is to take the train, which has three classes and an observation car. First class tends to sell out quickly, especially the famously beautiful route between Ella and Kandy. Get your tickets early if you want to have a seat in the observation car. Second class is cheap and can be purchased in person on the day of travel, though seats are not guaranteed.

Another common way to get around Sri Lanka is to hire a private local driver. Most accommodation options in the country are set up in such a way that drivers have a place to sleep along the typical tourist route. It is expected that the hiring party covers the driver’s costs, though prices are quite low at an average of $40 per day.

Sri Lanka truly has something for everyone, from beach lovers, to nature enthusiasts, to history buffs. It’s an easy country to get around and to enjoy. Thanks to friendly locals and gorgeous surroundings, it’s a vacation you won’t soon forget.

SriLankanElephants SriLankanElephants SriLankanElephants 


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