Mainly known for its white sands, Goa shows us the tropical side of India yet it still houses some fascinating history. With a long colonial heritage and a UNESCO-listed old city there is plenty to see and do before unwinding on the beach.


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From the busy north to the Old Goa to the relaxing south, there is something for everyone in the smallest state in India. The Portuguese heritage is the backdrop to a long, sumptuous coastline in a region filled with character and charm.

Whether you want to relax by a beach shack, surrounded by golden sands and dipping your feet in the water or immerse yourself in the colonial history, attend vibrant markets and see some wildlife, the choice is yours.

Goa Holiday India Highlights Goa Highlights

Things to do in Goa

  • Relax on the beautiful beaches.
  • Enjoy the heritage of the former Portuguese colony.
  • Take in the views at the Church of Our Lady of the Mount.
  • Taste original fusion cuisine.

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Goa is hot and humid, so pack light with natural fibres that will be comfortable in this climate. The first things you need to get in are your beachwear: everything from a swimsuit to cover-ups to sun hats and sunglasses to sunscreen are essential for the blistering heat.

While the beaches are private and relaxed, the state itself is traditional and conservative, so when heading out on day trips or visits be sure to dress comfortably but be respectful of the customs. In places of worship you need to wear long skirts or trousers and, on occasion, a headscarf so consider these.

On your feet, a pair of comfortable sandals and more relaxed flip flops may well be all you need during your visit but be sure to pack long-sleeves for the evening when it cools off slightly. This also helps in your battle against mosquitos and other insects; it is advisable to pack insect repellent.

Elsewhere, you could use a backpack for day trips, torch for the evenings and all of your medical supplies. That said, the pharmacists are well stocked in Goa and you should be able to buy anything you need.

  • Capital – Panaji is the capital of the state of Goa
  • Currency – Indian Rupee
  • Language – Hindi and English
  • Time Zone – GMT+5:30

Goa is a year-round destination; often used as the final stop of a tour around India, it is also popular with sun worshippers throughout the year. The temperature remains similar throughout the year with May, the hottest month, boasting an average of 30ºC and the coldest month of January posting averages of 25ºC.

Monsoon season, which starts in June, is often the time that visitors avoid as the hot summer temperatures meet the clouds and rain as the moisture turns the countryside of Goa into a lush green space that is perfect for colourful plant life. Not ideal for the beach, but it does bring the state into a wonderful haven for other activities.

The temperatures drop in the evenings but it is still never cold. The tourist season is noticeable here and runs from October through January, with the beaches filling up again for the warmest weather in May.


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