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Indian Ocean


Here at Travelbag we have been booking holidays to the Indian Ocean for over thirty years. Our highly experienced and friendly travel agents are on hand with hints and tips on the very best flight, resort and leisure options to best suit you dream holiday destination. With fantastic holiday deals to the Indian Ocean, we can provide you with low cost rates to the beautiful Indian Ocean islands.

Map of Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Holidays 2020 / 2021 – Brilliant deals from Travelbag Map Sri Lanka Maldives Seychelles Mauritius

Indian Ocean

Picture yourself relaxing on silky soft sands, shaded by the fluttering palm trees overhead, exotic cocktail in hand, gazing across the rippling lagoons that sparkle like diamonds in the tropical sun... this is paradise and it’s waiting for you on an Indian Ocean holiday.

No other location in the world has the power to conjure such majestic fantasies, yet there is absolutely no substitute for seeing, touching or experiencing a holiday to the Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka or the Seychelles for yourself.

Turn your dreams into reality with an unforgettable Indian Ocean holiday, whether you seek the luxury and romance of the Maldives, the cosmopolitan finery of pretty Mauritus, the history and culture of colourful Sri Lanka or the secluded splendour of the sumptuous Seychelles.

The beautiful Indian Ocean Indian Ocean Highlights Sri Lanka Highlights

Key Highlights of Indian Ocean

  • Relaxing on one of Maldives’ majestic paradise islands
  • Stepping foot on the sugary white sands of Mauritius’ beaches
  • Absorbing the vivid colours of Sri Lanka’s stunning interior
  • Admiring Seychelles’ glorious landscapes of lagoons, beaches and forests
  • Indulging yourself in a luxury Maldives holiday resort
  • Teeing off on Mauritius’ world-class tropical golf courses

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Indian Ocean, call us on 0203 139 7074 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.

Packing tips

The Indian Ocean covers around 20% of the water on Earth, and features some of the most picture perfect islands on the planet. Its warm waters lap the shores of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Mauritius. All of these are tropical paradises in their own right, so what should you pack when travelling there?

Tropical climates with year-round sunshine, most people go to the azure waters to relax and unwind. The white sandy beaches mean that the first thing to go in is beach clothes and suncream. Those long days on the beach mean you probably need a change of swimwear while you will need something to cover-up in the intense midday soon. Suncream is imperative while aloe vera is likely to be needed at some stage, no matter how cautious you are.

Sandals and flip flops are more than enough on your feet while keep it to light layers as the evening cools off. Linen trousers will be useful, and while resorts are fairly smart, you can keep it casual so high heels and dressy outfits aren’t necessary.

With so much tourist traffic, things will be available on the islands but it is always better to carry your own medication and bits from the UK. There will be activities on offer so whichever island you are going to it is worth checking to see if you need any particular clothing. The interior of Sri Lanka is beautiful while the Seychelles has forests to explore so keep that in mind.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Male, Mauritius – Port Louis, Seychelles – Victoria, Sri Lanka – Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte and Colombo.
  • Currency-Maldives – Maldivian rufiyaa, Mauritius – Mauritian rupee, Seychelles – Seychellois rupee, Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan rupee.
  • Language-Maldives – Dhivehi, Mauritius – English and French, Seychelles – English and French, Sri Lanka – Sinhala and Tamil.
  • Time Zone-GMT +4 hours (Sri Lanka GMT +5.30).

Weather in the Indian Ocean

Found near the Tropic of Capricorn, the weather is usually pleasant and warm throughout the year. The islands of the Indian Ocean are paradise on earth with beautiful daytime temperatures and clement evenings.

The Maldives has a 30ºC average temperature throughout the year. Dry season is when the tourists come and that lasts from December through March with the wet season coming in from May to November.

Mauritius gets much of the same in terms of temperature but the summer changes slightly, from November to April. Heavy rain often comes from January through March and a good time to go can be in the winter when it’s not as humid and actually gets less rain.

The Seychelles has warm temperatures that don’t get too intense and is a great spot for beach lovers whatever the time of year. It gets the most rain from December to February and this coincides with the hottest weather which runs from December through April – with high humidity. May through October bring a dry period but the tourist season runs year-round.

We complete the set of year-round destinations with Sri Lanka. There are two monsoon seasons: May through September sees rain while December to March is the dry season. The weather doesn’t always stick to the script though and blue skies are often seen in rainy season so it’s almost better to plan a trip here around your main elements.


Amazing Madives


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