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Cradled in the midst of the Indian Ocean are around 1,190 islands that make up the Maldives. Luxury resorts reside on about a hundred of these; villas on stilts and pampering hotels. Holiday packages of relaxation and indulgence imply inactivity but top notch dive sites, deserted lagoons and beaches and an abundance of private islands to be explored tell a different story.

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Holidays in The Maldives

The Maldives are coral. They’re formed of atolls – islands with a coral reef base. Below that is a 2,000 metre crust of dead coral and underneath that the now dormant volcanoes that fertilised the whole remote shebang in the first place. The surrounding ocean is not only rich in marine life but typified by calm waters and so a good choice destination for beginner and expert divers alike. Back on land, wedding vows are renewed in luxurious settings and honeymooners kick married life off by savouring quality time together in pampered isolation. Cheaper accommodation options are emerging, prising open the previously little known culture of 400,000 natives. Customise your Travelbag holiday package to fit your requirements, whether that’s an extravagant marine abode complete with spa and full board or close proximity to some of the best dive sites in the world. Whatever your Maldives holiday, 2018 is the time to visit as rising sea levels and ocean acidity become more desperate than ever before.

Essential Information

Coral Reefs

Above sea level, the Maldives are basically sand banks, the highest of which is the eight foot high Addu Atoll. All the action is underwater. Brain, cup, star, whip, staghorn, tree, bubble and carnation corals are just some of the species that constitute the ringing, barrier and patch reefs of the Maldives. It’s a wonder coral isn’t on the national flag. Surviving off them are terribly complicated ecosystems, a long list that includes over 1000 species of fish, five types of turtles and over a hundred crabs. Maldives holiday packages can be customised so itineraries include diving excursions or lessons for beginners. The north’s ring reefs are more suited to snorkelling wand the hub of SCUBA activity is in the south where the lagoons are generally deeper.

Luxury Accommodation

The array of singular accommodation options is extensive. Here, a private island for honeymooners; there, a hotel with underwater bedroom views. Infinity pools complete with bar service, hotels that boast private plunge pools, below sea level restaurants and spas and those that specialise in diving experiences. With such a density of upmarket hotels and resorts, cheap package deals and tailor made/all inclusive itineraries are the best way to go. The range of cuisine available in such a remote place is surprising although not as much as the settings – underwater restaurants, underground wine cellars or a table for two on a private island to name a few. Further your state of relaxation with Maldivian virgin coconut oil treatment, the trademark product of the spas here.


It’s not hard to see why it’s a top honeymoon destination. The remoteness of the Indian Ocean, the minimalistic style of the empty sandy atolls and the indulgence of luxury is an unbeatable combination for a romantic honeymoon exile. Free of distractions of the real world, newlyweds get busy spending the start of married life exclusively with each other and often opt for the iconic stilted villas (most have their own island). There’s only so much relaxation one can take though and it’s not like spas and diving are the only activities going. Many hotel package itineraries include the likes of yoga classes to start the day, boat trips to picnic on uninhabited islands and hireable sea planes to take in the views from above.

Best Time to Travel

The Maldives have a tropical monsoon climate with two seasons that vary little in temperature; the dry season (December - April) and the wet season (May – November). The shift from the dry north-easterly monsoon to the wet south-westerly monsoon is between the months of April and May. The best time to visit is the dry season when humidity levels are low and far from the hurricane season anywhere between May and November. The climate is influenced by equatorial currents and the land mass of India to the north and so weather patterns can differ significantly from the rest of south Asia.

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Use Travelbag experts to narrow down the bewildering range of flight and accommodation options to tailor arrange a holiday package that suits your needs. Whether you’re here to learn how to dive, flop on the beach after quality spa treatments or to take in the sense of remoteness from a deserted beach, Travelbag experts can help.

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