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Travelbag’s tailored holiday packages to Bahrain are a good choice for a first time getaway to the Middle East. Its cosmopolitan upbringing means it’s accustomed to western behaviours, not tolerated in the wider Gulf region. Book your 2018 Travelbag holiday to Bahrain and slip into an Arabian dream; authentic Arabian coastal towns, ultra-modern hotels and a Bronze Age culture preserved in museums and mystical sit

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Holidays in Bahrain

Book a holiday to Bahrain with Travelbag and step into a sophisticated mix of the ancient Arab world and sleek, new world modernity. Bahrain is the largest of the 33 island archipelago and a popular introduction to the Middle East because of its liberal reputation and modern living standards. Capital Manama’s well heeled past of pearling, has switched to refining the oil and processing the international bank business of its rich neighbours like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is where most of the development has occurred, with luxury hotels and the best places to stay strung along the coastline overlooking the seas. There’s no shortage of beaches and waters are warm year round. Elsewhere is a collection of UNESCO protected buildings leftover from the pearl industry, the fortifications that protected the trade routes with Southeast Asia and ancient sites of the Mesopotamia era, the oldest known civilisation.

Essential Information

The Bahrain Pearling Trail

The word Bahrain translates as ‘the two seas’. The shallow, calm waters and the salinity of the offshore springs work together and create a paradisiacal habitat for oysters. Explore the Bahrain Pearling Trail, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of three oyster beds and a segment of the coastline in the north, plus the Bu Mahir Fortress, whose garrisons once guarded the Dilmun trade routes. Make sure you pay a visit to the Bahrain National Museum beforehand to verse yourself in the history of the pearling industry. The collection includes manuscripts, handicrafts and other artefacts recovered from the area, that tell the 9,000 year old history of Bahrain inhabitants. There’s not much of a diving scene anymore but Jarada Island that emerges and submerges with the ebb of the tide, is great for day trips as are the Hawar Islands, well situated for dolphin spotting.

Capital Manama

Splurge on a little luxury in one of the top end hotels along the Bahrain coastline. Make good use of the palatial pools that emulate the limpid shoreline and deluxe spas in the afternoon time, when temperatures are at their fiercest. For shopping, rise early and head to the warren streets of the Manama Souq in the old town, a cacophony of smells (camels and perfumes), sights (calligraphy and gypsum) and sounds (from haggling to the music of the oud). Marvel at Islamic architecture in the Al Fateh Grand Mosque in Block 324 or the Al Khamis Mosque, the foundations of which were laid in 692 AD. Drinking of alcohol is permitted in Bahrain, unlike other countries in the region. Nightlife wise, stick around the hotel area in the north of the city and for something more traditional, head to the sheesha bars of the Adliya district.

An Ancient Culture

Manama has preserved its pearling, Islamic and Bronze Age heritage well. The wider Bahrain region has more stories to tell, that begin almost as soon as you’ve swapped city skyscrapers for the dusty back roads of desert towns, lined by fig and tamarind trees. Reachable on a day trip from the city is the conservative town of Mhuarraq, the former capital. It’s a labyrinth of repurposed pearl warehouses, pearl trader houses with lattice windows, gahwas serving mint tea and Arabic coffee and dhow shipyards. To the south, the Dilmun Burial Mounds of the Bronze Age Umm al-Nar culture can be explored; an island necropolis of stone chambers ringed by low walls. West of the southerly village of Jaww is the Tree of Life. Approximately 400 years old, it is said that to stand where the Garden of Eden once bloomed, surviving off a mystical source of water.

Best Time to Travel

Bahrain has a tropical desert climate characterised by two seasons: The exceedingly hot summer from May through to October and the winter from November to April. Average temperatures may vary little but the best time of the year for a holiday in Bahrain, is between mid-November and mid-March. This is when the Bahrain weather is hot and the evenings are pleasantly cool. Avoid visiting in the summer as the humidity makes conditions extreme and bear in mind dust and sand storms can whip up in the spring. They’re infrequent but can limit your activity.

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Why Travelbag?

Find cheap holiday deals and bargain all-inclusive Bahrain packages with Travelbag. Explore the Dilmun civilisation on the Pearling Trail, luxuriate in high end hotels along the northern coastline and shop for exotic trinkets in traditional souqs and markets.

Book your holiday to the Middle East with Travelbag and benefit from experts who have been tailor making holidays since 1979. Bahrain’s liberalness makes it an ideal first time holiday destination for the Middle East; drinking alcohol is not prohibited and its capital, Manama, has a long standing cosmopolitan makeup as a historical centre for commerce.

Call our customer services department on 0871 703 4707 or visit us in one of our branches to arrange and book your Bahrain getaway today. Our phone lines are open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am until 6pm on Saturday and 10am until 5pm on Sundays.

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