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Mexico Holidays

Find a cheap holiday under the Mexican sun with Travelbag. There are remnants of Aztec civilisation concealed in clammy jungle, party hard cities that refuse to let go of one fiesta until they’ve got a firm grip on the next and deserts jostling with cacti. All of this is enclosed by Pacific and Caribbean coastlines for more traditional sun and beach getaways.

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Holidays in Mexico

Allow your all inclusive Mexican holiday to play you hot and cold: there’s smoking volcanoes dusted with fresh snow, chilli infused tacos that demand pitchers of icy margaritas on hand and dank jungles in which to seek sacred lagoons to cool off in. Adventurers will be in their element with activities like jungle trekking – machete in hand – or hiking through deserts to a chorus of coyote yelps. Use Travelbag to customise your all inclusive holiday package to include the steps of Mayan pyramids, adorned with cryptic carvings and connected by root ridden pathways. In cities like Cancún, a popular honeymoon destination) are bars and salsa clubs to down perilous tequila shots in and all inclusive hotels with sea views and private beaches that connect luxury accommodation to unfettered coastline. Most come for the tree lined beaches, lapped by tepid seas churned white by water sports.


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Best Time to Visit Mexico

Mexico's climate varies from tropical in the south to more temperate in the north. December to April (winter) are the dry months when most tourists arrive. That’s not to say don’t visit during the wet season (May – September) as showers are short and sharp in the late afternoon and the skies are clear in the morning, early afternoon and night. The weather in the north is more humid in the summer (average summer temperature is 28 degrees Celsius) and cooler in the winter which is generally between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. Hurricane season runs from June to the end of November, August and October get the worst of it.

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Essential Information

Ruins of the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya extends from the Cancún resorts and hotels, down south to the port town of Tulum. The tropical vegetation and smooth Caribbean coastline are uninterrupted but step back from the shoreline under the jungle shade for pyramids and half-crumbled watchtowers of the Mayan civilisation. Learn of deities nourished by human sacrifice, observe feats of architectural and mathematical genius and stroll in structures built according to planetary alignment. Climb to the summit of Chichén Itzá, the best known archaeological site, built to honour serpent deity Kukulkan. At the opposing southerly end of the Riviera is the temple of Tulum, its small windows precisely aligned to gaps in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef –nautical reference points to merchants and sailors of pre-Colombian times. Also scattered behind curtains of jungle foliage are some 6,000 cenotes; an underground river network; once sacrificial chambers turned recreational swimming spots.

Playas Mexicanas

Choose from the wild beaches of the western Pacific Coast or the tranquil havens of the Quintana Roo State coastline. The latter, once little more than a string of fishing villages ringed by jungle, now extends from the northerly Cancún resorts south towards Tulum. Two mile long Playa del Carmen has everything from boutique hotels to all inclusive resorts. Occidental at Xcaret Destination is popular with families for its children’s pool and entertainment schedule plus it’s within walking distance of the eco archaeological theme park. Maroma Beach has a remoter vibe, think seaside walks and sunset picnics. Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancún offers a balance; refined seclusion on its private beach, coupled with water sports sea kayaking and windsurfing. The crown of the Yucatán Peninsula is the Cancún hotel zone, well equipped with five star luxury resorts, margarita specialty bars and hushed spots like Playa Delfines.

Food, Tequila, Fiesta

In that order. Don’t miss out on the simple stuff like quesadillas and tacos from street side stalls and hearty meat and bean dishes slung from holes in the wall. Expect your taste buds to be pervaded by chilli that sears and citrus that stings; pleasure laced with pain. The best resorts in Mexico serve gourmet food of all different cuisines, like the ostentatious Sandos Playacar Beach Resort with has no less than ten onsite restaurants. Wash it all down with reposado (“rested”) or añejo (“vintage”) tequilas or head straight to Cancún where the shots are slammed and hips sway in raucous clubs like those of the Temptation Cancún Resort. Adult only zones and themed parties are business as usual but time your Mexican getaway in November to catch the out and out chaos of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Why Travelbag?

Find great offers on return flights and bargain rates on hotels and flights for your Mexico holiday with Travelbag. Whether you're looking for an all-inclusive honeymoon or a long-haul family holiday, we can help. We've been tailor-making holidays since 1979, so our experts can offer advice and compile holiday itineraries to suit you.

Call our experts on 0203 139 7074, or visit us in one of our branches to book your Cancún holiday. 

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