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Under the Mexican sun lies the Riviera – a coastal paradise, long ago abandoned Aztec ruins of the Yucatán Peninsula and steamy jungles. Use Travelbag to find cheap deals that include the still and serene deserts and cities like Cancún that refuse to let go of one fiesta until they’ve got a firm grip on the next. Search for cheap deals today and see how much one of our 2017/2018 Mexican holiday package deals could save you.

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Holidays in Mexico

Allow your all inclusive Mexican holiday to play you hot and cold: there’s smoking volcanoes dusted with fresh snow, chilli infused tacos with pitchers of icy margaritas on hand and humid jungles in which to seek sacred lagoons to cool off in. Customise an all inclusive holiday package to include the steps of Mayan pyramids adorned with cryptic carvings and notice the artistic similarities in indigenous handicrafts and city graffiti. What Mexican holiday is complete without a party destination? Hit Mexico City’s bars and salsa clubs for perilous tequila shots and recover in resorts on ceaseless stretches of sand lined with palm trees and lapped by tepid seas.

Essential Information

Ancient Civilizations

The beaches are the main draw for Mexican holidaymakers. These waters were once enjoyed by Mayan, Inca and the Aztec peoples who flourished in Mesoamerica prior to European arrival. Make your way along the Riviera and learn of deities that were ‘nourished’ by human sacrifice and stroll in structures built according to planetary alignment.  There’s the famous Chichén Itzá (once the nucleus of a city state) on the Yucatán Peninsula and the restored Palenque and Uxmal structures. Go swimming in Yucatán ‘sinkholes’: these once important water sources in pre-Hispanic times are now converted into recreational pools.

Food, Tequila, Fiesta

In that order. Eat in style in Mexico City’s established fine dining scene or keep it cheap with quesadillas and tacos from street side stalls. Typical dishes are hearty meat and bean dishes, finished with fiery chilli and a squeeze of lime juice. Post meal, its party time; tequila slammers and pitchers of margaritas will have you moving to salsa rhythms all night long. Not dancing? You might not have a choice, expect locals to drag you up to the dance floor especially during November’s ‘Dia de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) a party that rivals Brazil’s Caranval.


Caressed by the waters of the Mexican Gulf and the Caribbean Sea on the east and ripped by Pacific swells on the west, Mexican beaches are either bucolic relaxing stretches or a thrill seekers dream. Surfing pros should try the Baja Peninsula for consistent breaks and swells. Most of the Mexican Riviera’s beaches are easily accessed from the resorts and hotels and are glorified for their close proximity to major cities like Cancún and the various ruins that overlook the coast.

Best Time to Travel

Mexico's climate varies from tropical in the south to more temperate in the north. December to April (winter) are the dry months when most tourists arrive. That’s not to say don’t visit during the wet season (May – September) as showers are short and sharp in the late afternoon and the skies are clear in the morning, early afternoon and night. The weather in the north is more humid in the summer (average summer temperature is 28 degrees Celsius) and cooler in the winter which is generally between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius. Hurricane season runs from June to the end of November, August and October get the worst of it.

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