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It takes only a single glance across Dubai's shimmering skyline to fall in love with the city where bigger is definitely better. Operating to the principle of ‘biggest, fastest, tallest’, Dubai delights with an array of enticing attractions, including the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping centre on the planet, and even man-made islands stretching out into the sparkling Arabian Gulf.

A Dubai tour with Travelbag is an excellent way to explore this evolving city and there is little doubt that you will be dazzled by an incredible skyline that glitters in the night sky, enjoy lavish standards of luxury and welcome the plentiful activities available for both adults and children.


Home to the greatest concentration of tall buildings in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the most extraordinary of them all. Measuring 2,771ft (860m), the Burj Khalifa smashes several world records, so no visit to Dubai is complete without standing at the foot of this engineering behemoth or admiring the views from the lofty observation deck.

Dubai is a veritable shopping paradise, its enormous Dubai Mall housing 1,200 shops across an incredible 1,124,000sqm. Furthermore, Dubai Mall is also home to an aquarium, ski slopes, an ice rink, cinemas and an indoor theme park, making it ideal for a day out with the children.

More traditional wares can be perused in Dubai’s many markets, otherwise known as souks, where negotiation and haggling are part of the buying process. Dubai’s best known souk district can be found in Deira, where 300 retailers trade almost exclusively in jewellery, much of it made of gold.

Venturing beyond the city limits, the vast swathes of desert are ideal for a ‘Jeep’ safari tour, if only for the exhilarating opportunity to be bounced over dunes and flung over mounds.

If you prefer to feel the sands under your toes, Dubai has many fabulous beaches that overlook the Arabian Gulf, most notably the impressive man-made Palm Jumeirah islands, where many of Dubai’s very best hotels, restaurants and family theme parks can be found.

Furthermore, though a thoroughly modern city that sets the benchmark for luxury and contemporary design in the 21st century, Dubai’s humbler roots can also be explored in the Bastakia Quarter, which harks back to the city’s origins as a fishing village.

4 Day Essential Dubai
4 Day Essential Dubai
4 Days/ 3 Nights
Independent Touring
If you're looking to discover the heart and soul of a country or region, then independent touring could be the option for you. Our selected itineraries strike the perfect balance between the freedom of travelling independently and the convenience of having your accommodation and transport pre-arranged; leaving you free to explore all the area has to offer.
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Dubai Highlights

Stand in the presence of some of the world’s most extraordinary landmarks with a dream Dubai holiday, where you can scale the mighty Burj Khalifa skyscraper, feast on award-winning cuisine at the Palm Jumeirah and shop until you drop in the enormous Dubai Mall.

Travelbag offers a comprehensive choice of Dubai tours, including flexible independent tours, escorted tours led by our team of knowledgeable and friendly guides and small group tours containing no more than 16 members, making it ideal for an intimate honeymoon.

Whichever you choose, Travelbag’s broad itineraries, plentiful activities, unique experiences and high quality arranged accommodation will give you the freedom to appreciate this magnificent city from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.

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Key Highlights in Dubai

  • Scaling the extraordinary Burj Khalifa skyscraper
  • Bouncing over Dubai sand dunes
  • Soaking up the sun on Dubai’s brilliant beaches
  • Exploring Dubai’s cultural Bastakia Quarter
  • Being dazzled by the wares of the Gold Souk
  • Skiing, shopping, playing in Dubai Mall

For more information about Travelbag’s excellent range of Dubai tours, call 0203 944 2201 to chat with one of our knowledgeable travel experts about creating the perfect Dubai holiday for you.

Touring Dubai with Travelbag


  • Climb the incredible Burj Khalifa - Have your breath taken away as you glance at the views from the incredible Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 2,771ft (850m).
  • Climb Dubai’s dunes - Head out of the city limits and take to Dubai’s rolling sand dunes for an exhilarating 4WD safari tour before pausing to watch the sun set over the horizon.
  • Relax in the Dubai sun - Sink into the sands of Dubai’s marvellous beaches and admire the views out across the sparkling blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Learn more about Dubai’s heritage - One of Dubai’s most enduring icons, the Jumeirah Mosque is resplendent with traditional architecture and cultural heritage.
  • Visit Dubai’s impressive Palm Jumeirah - Created in the shape of a palm tree, Dubai’s striking ‘Palm Jumeirah’ is the place to visit for excellent restaurants, bars and family attractions. 
  • Be dazzled by Deira’s gold souk - Prepare to be dazzled as you peruse Dubai’s famous gold souk at Deira, where all manner of premium quality jewellery can be purchased at excellent prices.
  • Shop until you drop - Spend hours trawling the shops and activities located under a single roof at Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping centre.
  • Step back in time - Harking back to the city’s humble origins as a fishing village, get a glimpse at the Dubai of yesteryear in the rustic Bastakia Quarter.
  • Admire the stunning Dubai skyline - Gaze in wonder at the spectacular – and evolving – Dubai skyline from a convenient ‘Water Taxi’ as you cross the Arabian Gulf.
  • Marvel at Dubai’s dancing fountains - Watch in awe as water ‘dances’ at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, the fountains set to classic music to create an incredible spectacle.


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