New Zealand is a land that astounds and enthrals you at every turn. Due to its stunning natural beauty and amazing scenery, New Zealand is an ideal destination for the holiday of a lifetime.

Map of New Zealand

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New Zealand Highlights

It only takes a few moments to fall in love with this magnificent country and once there you’ll never want to leave.

New Zealand is a treasure trove of natural beauty. See the vast mountain ranges that cover the Southern Island and travel through them by railway in order to witness the natural beauty of the country which was setting for the Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy.

Experience the wonder of the North Island’s volcanic plateau or whale watching off Kaikoura as well as the incredibly friendly and welcoming population. New Zealand really is a country that has it all.

New Zealand Highlights Mountain Regions of New Zealand New Zealand Holidays

Things to do in New Zealand

  • Dolphin spotting in the Bay of Islands.
  • Whale watching off the coast of Kaikoura.
  • Travel through the Southern Alps by rail.
  • Cruise the Milford Sound’s crystal clear waters.
  • Choose a city break in New Zealand’s three biggest cities Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Packing Tips

New Zealand is one of the most diverse countries on Earth as well being one of the best adventure and adrenaline destinations. Whilst the country has some great cities to explore – the likelihood is, if you’re heading, you’ll probably be planning on spending a lot of time outdoors and in the countryside.

Packing strong, sturdy shoes is a must as well as a good variety of layers too (such as light t-shirts, jumpers, short and trousers, as well as rain coats and fleeces). The North Island temperatures can become pretty hot in the summer months (so definitely pack your bathing suit) – contrastingly, on the South Island; you may find the climate changing drastically.

Another packing essential is sun-cream. Whilst New Zealand may not always feel warm – the Sun seems to tan (and burn) skin quicker, so always keep that in mind.

Essential Information

  • Country Capital-Wellington.
  • Currency-New Zealand Dollar.
  • Languages-English.
  • Time Zone- GMT +12 hours.

Weather in New Zealand

The weather in New Zealand varies greatly depending on the time of year and on your location. The best thing to do is research the locations you plan on visiting so you can find out their individual climates and weather trends.

However, as a general rule, expect winter months (April – September) to be cool and chilly, and expect summer months (December – March) to be warm and pleasant. The seasons are similar to the UK (but the months are reversed) so that’s a helpful tip. One thing to note about New Zealand weather though (when compared to the UK) is that it tends to be a little more extreme at both ends of the scale.


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