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An Antigua holiday is a stereotypical Caribbean getaway. Its natural beauty, numerous beaches and secret garden-esque features have made it a hotspot for honeymooners whilst its leeward position means it’s a favourite amongst boaters and yachters.

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Holidays in Antigua

Sail the famous trade winds like buccaneers, marauders and British and French colonial powers of yore; you’ll find sheltered bays for snorkelling and lonely stretches of beach to stop off at. Go a bit further afield and you can find yourself in Barbuda to the north – Antigua’s quieter neighbour. There’s the Frigate Island Nature Reserve where you can see these massive bird’s mating ritual. Inland, there’s a few tell tale signs of a colonial past like the stone windmills that once processed sugar cane and young boys playing cricket. Island life wouldn’t be complete without island cuisine, make sure you take advantage of the fresh seafood prepared with spices, lime and coconut. The ‘Fish Friday’ at Nelson’s Dockyard is a popular dining spot.

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Best Time to Travel

Antigua has a tropical climate characterised by two main seasons: the hot and dry (January – April) and the hot and wet (mid-June – mid-November). The northeast trade winds break the humidity up in the dry season but their irregularity the summer culminates in the hurricane seasons from October to December. Peak season is mid-December to mid-April, check flights either side of this time if you’re looking for a deal. Temperatures are generally the same although humidity spikes considerably going into late June.

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Antigua Beaches

Antigua famously has a beach for every day of the year. So what’s your scene? There’s the hotel and sports bar lined sands of Dickinson Bay, always buzzing with tourist activity or calmer shores on islands to the east and southwest. Rent a car to discover everything in-between. In true exotic location style, beaches have over the top names such as ‘Half Moon Bay’ and some that are a bit more down to earth like ‘Mosquito Cove Beach’. Do your research – Half Moon Bay can be busy unlike the peaceful haven its name suggests and Mosquito Cove Beach is mosquito free during the day. Notice the rose and pink hues to the beaches, caused by the crushed coral from the surrounding reefs.

Hire a Luxury Yacht

It's only an island if you look at it from the water. Chartering a vessel is certainly an expensive way to see Antigua and Barbuda but there’s a rich maritime culture here for a reason. There are beaches that are otherwise unreachable and with sails comes freedom; hop from bay to bay at your own inclination and dive down to outlying reefs seldom seen. In April there’s the famous Rolex Antigua Sailing Week – one of the world’s top regattas. Boat traffic is busier at this time of year so avoid if you want unfettered access to the waters surrounding the island.

Watch Frigate Birds

Every year between September and April, thousands of pterosaur like frigatebirds descend on the northwest coast of Barbuda to nest. Their huge wingspans (up to 2.3 metres) allow them to cover great distances by soaring for weeks at a time on warm and rising tropical air currents. To impress females overhead, males inflate a startlingly red pouch on their throat and click and buzz to tempt potential suitors down. The only way to reach the island is to charter a water taxi from the Cordrington Jetty. The birds nest near to the ground and so are easy to see.

Why Travelbag?

At Travelbag we take the stress out of booking your dream Antigua holiday. We offer a variety of ways to book your UK to Antigua flights safely and securely. You can speak to one of our highly trained travel agents over the phone who will be more than happy to offer you the greatest advice and suggestions on the best flights and hotels for your personal needs – plus insight into the hottest tourist spots! Ring our travel agent hotline on 0203 139 7074.

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