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Pangkor Laut


Enjoy the seclusion on the honeymoon paradise that is Pangkor Laut Island. Found off the west coast of Malaysia, this destination is a jewel in the crown of the South East Asian country. Sat in the tropical waters of the Straits of Malacca, it is an extraordinary, privately owned island that is home to just one hotel.

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Pangkor Laut Resort
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The stunning five-star Pangkor Laut Resort is a magnificent hotel offering exceptional standards in an area of breathtaking natural beauty.

This privately-owned resort is tucked amidst the lush tropical greenery that defines this beautiful island, offering a perfect idyll to relax and unwind amidst your blissful surroundings.

Comprising 140 villas and suites as well as eight luxurious estates, with authentic wooden buildings ... Show More

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Pangkor Laut Island

Dubbed as ‘paradise’ by the magnificent Pavarotti, this romantic setting comes equipped with magnificent traditional villas, fantastic facilities and a beautiful backdrop. A private island owned by a single resort, Pangkor Laut is spectacular and a popular destination for honeymoons.

Enjoy tranquil Asian treatments in the award-winning Spa Village, get active on island hopping excursions and relax at the magnificent Emerald Bay for some unforgettable photographs and memories of a trip of a lifetime. With 140 villas and suites in the resort, this is a unique destination with a plethora of stunning cuisine to enjoy during the day.

Pangkor Laut Malaysia Highlights Pangkor Laut Highlights

Things to do on Pangkor Laut Island

  • Enjoy the blissful scenery around a beach, garden or hillside villa
  • Feel like a castaway in this private resort
  • Explore the Pangkor Laut’s luscious landscapes
  • Relax at the glorious Emerald Bay
  • Be indulgent at the award-winning Spa Village

Looking for a romantic retreat in a secluded setting? A trip to Pangkor Laut Island is the perfect exotic hideaway, find out more about a trip here by calling one of our Travelbag experts and discuss a tailor-made holiday.

With a luscious interior and golden sands around the coastline that are lapped by clear blue warm waters, Pangkor Laut Island is a relaxed placed perfect for enjoying the sun in South East Asia.

The majority of your days will be spent beachside, in the pool or in the spa as you enjoy the seclusion of this amazing resort. Beachwear is imperative, and plenty of it, to enjoy these sunny days. Shorts, t-shirts and other cover-ups are a good idea, as is a sun hat, sunglasses and sun lotion.

If you are going to enjoy the jungle trekking excursions then comfortable shoes should be taken for walking through the interior. Otherwise, there is a gym and tennis courts if you want to take any sportswear.

In the evening, temperatures tend to cool off a little so you will need some more covered clothing, like linen trousers and long-sleeve t-shirts or a sweater. The dress code is still relaxed but you may want to dress up depending on the restaurant you decide to dine in. Insect repellent and bite cream is recommended. The island is off the coast of the main country so access to toiletries and other personal medical supplies could be limited so it is worth taking everything you know you’ll need.

  • Capital – Pangkor Laut is a small island in the state of Perak found in Malaysia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur
  • Currency – Ringgit
  • Language – Bahasa Malaysia but English is a recognised language and widely spoken
  • Time Zone – GMT+8 hours

With an equatorial climate, Pangkor Laut boasts year round high temperatures that range from 20ºC to 35ºC every day, like the rest of Malaysia. Although it is a wonderful climate for enjoying this idyllic setting, rainfall is common regardless of when you travel. This is convectional rainfall where the rising warm air currents build up clouds and the result is a downpour that lasts no longer than hour or two before blazing sunshine reappears.

Generally, there will be more rain between September and December, and the most popular time to visit the Island is January and February where the days are warm and sunny before cooling off in the evening.


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