The Middle East region is one of the Earth’s truly phenomenal areas. Complete with mysterious ruins and geographical wonders, the variation between the countries is quite astonishing. Filled with wonders, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Jordan lie on the Arabian Sea coastline where the warm waters ensure these states boast luxurious beachfront resorts and splendid beaches for your pleasure. Jordan is famed for its ancient past, and the tranquillity of the Dead Sea.

Map of Dubai & The Middle East

Middle East Holidays, Flights, Hotels & Tours – Travelbag Map Jordan Oman Abu Dhabi Dubai Fujairah Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai & Middle East Highlights

What Dubai and the Middle East region in general offers is complete diversity to what a typical holiday encapsulates. Where on Earth could you learn, explore and relax all within the same place? Utterly mesmerising desert landscapes, cities that engender Arab traditions and values while embracing the modern touch such as the towering skyline of downtown Dubai and ancient lands that constitute a time when the region was under tribal and Roman rule.

This is truly a fantastic setting for a holiday and there is so much to do and see while you’re here. A Middle East holiday takes you to the extraordinary modern destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi whereby you’ll be treated to lavish resorts, restaurants and shopping experiences all the while taking in the fantastically authentic Arabian setting.

Jordan, a little further up the coastline, is another Arabian trove of treasures, filled with wonders. The rolling sand dunes of Wadi Rum and the unique natural spa of the Dead Sea encapsulate the laid back atmosphere of this traditional country while the Sultanate of Oman awaits with the golden, sandy beaches and a quite awe-inspiring environment.

Beautiful Middle East and Dubai Middle East Highlights Middle East Highlights

Popular Attraction in Dubai & the Middle East

  • Dubai’s amazing resorts and luxurious accommodation
  • Jordan’s wonders, including the ancient city of Petra
  • Experience entertainment and leisure Dubai style with the Aquaventure and Wild Wadi water-parks
  • Relax and bathe in the natural spa of the Dead Sea
  • Picturesque waterfronts of Abu Dhabi

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