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What was once a safe-haven for pirates is now a paradisiacal retreat for travellers seeking sun, sand and endless adventures. Surrounded by glistening, turquoise seas, a lush, forest interior and sprawling paddy fields, Langkawi is known for its aesthetic appeal as well as the bounty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in this beautiful treasure trove.


3 Star Langkawi Holidays

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Enjoy the Langkawi holiday of a lifetime by choosing from our superb range of 3 star hotels and resorts. Experience this magnificent tropical destination with a 3 star resort that offers tempting beachside value without compromising quality and services.

4 Star Langkawi Holidays

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Relax in luxury with a stay in one of Travelbag’s excellent 4 star hotels resorts. Travelbag has selected only the finest 4 star hotels and resorts for your pleasure, including many set on Langkawi’s stunning beaches and look directly out over the mesmerising Malacca Strait.

5 Star Langkawi Holidays

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Experience the Thailand holiday of a lifetime by treating yourself to a magnificent luxury 5 star Phuket resort. With its spectacular beachfront locations, Phuket marks the ideal destination to book a premier 5 star resort in a setting of unforgettable natural splendour.

Langkawi Multicentre Holidays

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See the very best of Malaysia with an exciting Multi-Centre holiday to glorious Langkawi. Treat yourself to the Malaysian holiday of a lifetime by combining a stay in Langkawi with visits to other spectacular destinations, including the capital city Kuala Lumpur and pretty Penang.


With some of the oldest rock formations and rainforests on the planet, Langkawi’s historical significance and geological diversity make it a holiday destination unlike any other. From a sky-high bridge overlooking the lush jungle, to the depths of the Andaman Sea filled with stunning caves and a bounty of fish, every inch of Langkawi offers incredible adventures.

With diving and eco-tours at the forefront of Langkawi holidays, it’s clear that Langkawi’s natural playground is the main attraction. Whether trekking through the jungle, observing the breath-taking views, participating in a cultural exchange program or just lounging on the beach, there is so much to see and do.

Langkawi Highlights Langkawi Highlights Langkawi Highlights

Things to do in Lankawi

  • Atop the forest’s canopy, observing breathtaking views of Langkawi from the cable car and Sky Bridge.
  • Exploring Langkawi’s 104 tropical islands.
  • Observing the rich marine life while diving in Pulau Payar Marine Park.
  • Bathing in the Telaga Tujur Waterfalls – a geographical marvel of modern Earth.

For more information about Travelbag’s custom holidays to Langkawi, please contact us at 0203 944 2201 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts.

The weather in Langkawi is almost always hot and humid. Lightweight, casual clothing is ideal, as is a pair of comfortable walking shoes and sandals. A light raincoat or umbrella is great to keep around during the rainy season, although these can also be purchased in town.

With a majority of time spent on the beach, in the water and exploring the diverse terrain, be sure to pack plenty of sunblock, a hat and sunglasses. Small first aid kits are always beneficial. Include anti-diarrhoea medication, pain relief, antibacterial cream, water purification tablets, rehydrating solutions Insect repellent and mosquito nets are highly recommended.

Stunning landscapes and incredibly rich waters make for ideal diving and snorkelling excursions. Therefore, it may be wise to bring snorkel gear. A small torch and pocket knife are also great to have on-hand. Try to take out as much cash as possible beforehand, as there are few ATM’s on the island, and they can run out of money.

  • Capital – Langkawi is part of Malaysia. The largest town and city centre is on the Langkawi main island
  • Currency – Malaysian Ringgit
  • Language – Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian) is the official language and English is widely spoken
  • Time Zone – GMT + 8 hours

Situated near the equator, Langkawi experiences a tropical climate that is consistently hot and humid throughout the year. Due to its location in the Malaccan Straits of the north-western coast of the Peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi does not experience extreme climate changes that other islands in the Andaman Sea are susceptible to.

Langkawi has two distinct seasons, the dry and the rainy. January to April marks the dry season and high tourist season. The temperature averages 30°C during the day and 28°C at night. The pleasant weather and relatively little rainfall provide the perfect conditions for exploring the island and surrounding waters.

The rainy season usually begins in September and can last into early December. During this time, storms are unpredictable, causing some rougher waters and winds. The average daytime temperatures are about 26°C and intermittent showers allow for some sunshine.


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