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A nation immortalised by the iconic lyrics of its most famous son, Bob Marley, Jamaica continues to move to the distinctive beats and rhythms of reggae music.

For many, Jamaica’s breathtaking beaches alone make it the ideal choice for a dream Caribbean holiday, the sugary soft sands of Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay attracting many of the finest luxury resorts to be found anywhere in the Caribbean.

For those keen on exploring further afield, Jamaica’s beautiful mountainous interior is a vision of exotic splendour, while no visit to this sumptuous island is complete without sampling some of its world-famous Jerk cuisine.

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Key Highlights of Jamaica

  • Stepping foot on the iconic beaches of Negril and Ocho Rios
  • Tucking into some famous Jamaican Jerk cuisine
  • Gazing across the stunning verdant peaks of the Blue Mountain range
  • Embracing Jamaica’s addictive, reggae-infused island lifestyle
  • Splashing in the mighty 600ft Dunns River Waterfall
  • Partaking in one of Jamaica’s world-class watersports activities

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Packing tips

Enjoy the tones of iconic reggae whilst tantalising your tastebuds with the famous Jerk cuisine by stepping foot on the breathtaking island of Jamaica. Whether you are a strategic packer or just hope for the best when piling everything in the day before, it is useful to have some idea about a checklist.

First off, get some mosquito protection in there as they can be a bit of a problem. Put these in the toiletry bag next to plenty of suncream from your lips and body on those scorching days. Also, it is a humid country so shampoo and conditioner can be important to keep your hair in order.

During the day, you will spend most of your time at the beach so be sure to carry plenty of swimwear and cover-ups for this time. In the evening, it does cool off a bit but you only need light layers for night walking or sitting in the bar. A rain jacket and umbrella may be handy if there is unexpected rain.

A lot of the resorts have coral or rock in parts of their beach so water shoes can be a useful addition but, generally, flip flops, sandals and comfortable shoes will suffice. While the island is mainly casual, some evenings may be a little smarter so a couple of dresses and collared shirts can always come in handy.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Kingston
  • Currency-Jamaican Dollar
  • Language-English
  • Time Zone-GMT-5 Hours

Weather in Jamaica

The peak season for tourism in Jamaica coincides with the coldest winter months in the UK - December to April. Also the driest part of the year, it is a great time to go but if you are looking for a bargain then May to July tends to still have the glorious weather with smaller crowds.

These months can see a big reduction in hotel prices and come before the main hurricane season of September and October (the full season is June through November). Keep in mind though that May and June are the wettest months to be in Jamaica so keep your eyes peeled for the latest forecasts.


by Rosalind Cummings-Yeates


It's difficult to sum up the endless beauty of Jamaica but the original Ararwak Indian inhabitants called it Xaymaca, meaning “land of wood and water” and that serves as a good starting point. The island is covered with a lovely verdant landscape of mountains, rainforests and most famously, beaches. Waterfalls and crystalline waves fill in the rest of the terrain, making Jamaica one of the most enchanting islands in the Caribbean region. But it's not just the scenery that stands out, the Jamaican people and the vibrant culture have also made Jamaica famous. It's easy to hole up on a beach or in an all inclusive but this island offers so much more.

Although it's a popular misconception to call Jamaica a small island, it's not small at all. Measuring 146 miles long, it's the third largest island in the Caribbean and the largest English speaking island. That means that there are lots of things to do and see in Jamaica, including cultural and historical activities. Even though every area of the island offers memorable experiences, we will focus on the north coast resort areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Most visitor's first glimpse of Jamaica is through the lens of bustling Montego Bay streets. Home to the country's largest airport and a thriving cruise ship port, Montego Bay is often the first introduction to the sometimes startling energy of Jamaican life. Reggae blasts from buses, shops and restaurants. Street vendors, called higglers, line roads, corners and beaches. The lyrical sound of Jamaican patois rolls through the air like bird calls. This island is alive with energy and the best way to experience it in Mobay is by visiting sites where locals as well as tourists hang out. A stroll down the “Hip Strip” of Gloucester Avenue is a must; this main thoroughfare is packed with clubs, restaurants and the sights and sounds of Mobay. Leave the bulky cameras, maps and other tourist gear at the hotel so that you can blend in easier with the local scene. A popular spot for dining and dancing is Pier One, which sits on a narrow pier for striking sunset views. Grab one of the restaurant's seafood specials and then join the fun of weekly events including karaoke, singing competitions, fashion shows and live bands. The Hip Strip also hosts one of Montego Bay's most iconic beaches, Doctor's Cave Beach. Once a historic spot known for its healing waters, the beach has grown into a popular beach club with a $6 admission fee for non-members. The fee is well worth it because the pristine sand, turquoise water and smooth bottom make it one of the best beaches in Montego Bay. Don't miss a stop by Doctor's Cave Groovy Grouper beach bar, which pumps out classic reggae and dancehall tunes as well as drinks and sandwiches. The bar transforms into a nightclub once the sun sets, showcasing live reggae and calypso bands.

Food plays a major role in Jamaican society so sampling the local cuisine is a must. You'll see shacks serving up tropical fruits like tart genips and creamy sour soup as well as variations of jerk meat, which is an ancient process of marinating and cooking over wood. Jerk recipes have travelled beyond Jamaica and can be spotted on most big city menus but authentic jerk is only found in Jamaica. Just stop by Montego Bay's Scotchie's Restaurant and you'll discover why. This charming outdoor eatery features thatched hut roofs and stools fashioned from beer kegs, as well as what's considered Mobay's best jerk. Glance around the back and you'll see piles of pimento and sweet wood, (laurel) the essential ingredients that give jerk a smoky, spicy flavour. The elaborately seasoned meat is served in tin foil with your choice of sides like bammy (pounded cassava) and bread fruit. Top off your Mobay stay with a tour of the legendary Rose Hall, a stately Georgian mansion constructed in the 1700s that was the home of the “white witch of Rose Hall,” who reportedly disposed of three husbands with black magic.

About an hour and a half outside of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios beckons. A former fishing village that developed into a tourism mecca, scores of cruise ships and all inclusives make it a busy town. The best attractions in Ochi are the natural wonders, including waterfalls and rainforests. The most famous is Dunn's River Falls, a spectacle of cascading water that extends more than 600 feet. An essential activity is climbing up the easily scaled falls and lounging in one of the many lagoons or pools. The town's newest green excursion is the Mystic Mountain rain forest park. A zip line and Sky Explorer chair lift supply great rain forest vistas but the bobsled ride is the highlight. Modelled after the famous Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, the cars rush down the side of the mountain, fuelled by gravity. The park also provides a hummingbird sanctuary and waterslide with infinity pool. Top off your visit with a sampling of Tastee's patties, a Jamaican street food that features pastries stuffed with seasoned meat, vegetables or fish.


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