Derived from Chinese characters that mean ‘Fragrant Harbour’, Hong Kong is an enigmatic city of bright lights that never sleeps. Known for glittering skyscrapers, a prosperous economy and a mix of influences, this is a world city that brushes shoulders with the elite.


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Hong Kong

A former colonial state, Hong Kong has many influences and is a thriving place with a spectacular skyline and a vibrant atmosphere. From a beautiful waterfront to rugged green hills to bustling markets, there are many treasures to discover with a trip here.

Awe at the skyline from the Star Ferry and Peak tower, do some shopping down the high streets, take a cable car to see the Big Buddha monument, relax in a sleepy fishing village and tantalise your taste buds with culinary delights. If you like your holidays to come with an eclectic mix then Hong Kong might well be your next destination.

Hong Kong city Asia Highlights Hong Kong Highlights

Key Highlights of Hong Kong

  • See the breath-taking beauty of Hong Kong’s skyline from the Peak
  • Barter for a bargain at the Temple Street night market
  • Relax in the peaceful fishing village of Sai Kung
  • Enjoy a great day out at Lantau Island, taking in the impressive Big Buddha
  • Take in the nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong

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Packing tips

If you are travelling in the springtime or the autumn remember it can get chilly, especially in the evening. T-shirts and short sleeves can be fine but a coat or jacket will be more suitable for later in the day.

In the summer the average temperatures sits at close to 30°C, it gets very humid and there can be a substantial amount of rain. Therefore, pack some lightweight linen clothes that allow you and your skin to breathe and do not forget to invest in some waterproof clothing to protect you from the tropical rainfall.

Mosquitoes can be a problem in summer, especially in the greener spaces such as Hong Kong Park, so make sure you pack some insect repellent.

Winter travellers should pack for colder temperatures so think long sleeved and probably leave the shorts at home. Shopaholics should think about bringing an extra bag as Hong Kong is the shopping capital of Asia and bargains are to be found at every turn.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. The capital is Beijing.
  • Currency-Hong Kong Dollar.
  • Language-Cantonese is the most common language while English is still widely spoken due to Hong Kong’s historical link with the British Empire.
  • Time Zone-GMT+8 Hours

Weather in Hong Kong

Spring in Hong Kong tends to extend from March to mid May. The average temperature rises over this period from 19°C in March to 26°C in May. These temperatures are accompanied by occasional spells of high humidity as well as some fog and drizzle.

Summer takes hold of Hong Kong from mid May to September with average temperatures in the high 20s. This makes it very hot and, due to the subtropical nature of the climate, very humid with thunderstorms being relatively frequent. Occasional typhoons mean that you should always keep an eye on the weather forecast during summer.

The hot and humid summers give way to cool and relatively dry, but still sunny, autumns which last until the end of November. Average temperatures range from 25°C at the start to around 21°C by the end of the season.

Winter see average temperatures reach lows of around 17°C but also provides the driest months which might be of interest to those who cannot stand rain and humidity.


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