India is a vast place of diversity with unforgettable adventure awaiting around every corner. India has exhilaratingly rich history with a number of exquisite ancient palaces, awe-inspiring monuments, temples and colonial buildings.

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A country of entrancing colour, endless activity and captivating cultures, India is also a country like no other in the world. A vast land of diversity, India lures intrepid travellers to its shores for an adventure they will never forget.

Wherever you choose to go, India is destined to exhilarate the senses, whether you’re finding peace as the sun dances on the walls of the majestic Taj Mahal, immersing yourself in the bustle of a Delhi bazaar, savouring the aromas of its famous cuisine, being dazzled by the vivid colours of Rajasthan, trekking through the mighty Himalayas or sailing along the holy waters of the Ganges River.

A holiday to India is a chance to involve yourself in a culture of pure enchantment, one you will have never experienced before... yet one you will never forget.

Enchanting India Indian Highlights India Highlights

Key Highlights of India

  • Watching the sun rise behind the immaculately beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra
  • Admiring the burst of colour through the Rajasthan region
  • Falling in love with the famed ‘pink city’ of Jaipur
  • Discovering the sumptuous sands of sunny Goa
  • Tempting yourself with the exotic flavours of Indian cuisine
  • Sailing on the holy waters of the Ganges River

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Packing Tips

India is a truly beautiful country full of culture, colour and beauty and it offers such a wide range of experiences and locations – your packing list will need to be pretty diverse.

For those of you visiting the country for a relaxing holiday in one of the beach resorts, you’ll need to pack plenty of swimming clothes, sun-cream, sandals and light layers for the evening. Pretty much what you’d expect to pack for a beach getaway.

For those of you planning a more adventurous getaway to the cities and towns for sightseeing and exploring, you’ll want to include a little more variety – so you have appropriate clothing for the myriad of different places you will visit here.

Light and breathable layers are always advised due to the temperature and humidity, as are hats and sunglasses to keep you in the shade and protected from the Sun.

For women it’s advisable to bring cover-ups too, that can easily be slipped over your shoulders and head when visiting religious or cultural spaces.

Essential Information

  • Country Capital- New Delhi
  • Currency- Indian Rupee
  • Languages- Hindi, English.
  • Time Zone- GMT +5.30 hours.

Weather in India

As you’d expect in a country as large as India, the climate and temperature varies greatly depending on where you go, and when you go. In the south of the country you’ll find temperatures hot and tropical, but toward the mountains in the north, that can change drastically (with snowfall being common in winter months).


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