Serving as the single largest island in all of the Caribbean, Cuba proves to be a popular mainstay with adventurers the world over.  Boasting an array of stunning beachfronts, a distinct sense of architecture, a deep and enriched history and of course a warm and welcoming climate, Cuba sets a particularly high standard for those seeking a memorable experience in a long haul destination.

Map of Cuba

Cuba holidays 2017 / 2018 - Holidays to Cuba Map Havana Varadero

From the iconic landmarks and historical aspects found within its sprawling cities to the soothing ambiance that permeates throughout its many resort areas, Cuba adheres to even the most discerning of visitors, so no matter whether it’s relaxation or exploration you seek, this is one island that covers it all.

When wandering the colonial city streets, feeling the sand between your toes on a resort beach or gazing up at some of the remnants of the Cuban Missile Crisis era at a museum you’ll know why Cuba means so much more than simply cigars, rum and revolutions.

Look deep into the history and traditions of this Caribbean island, its distinct colonial aesthetics, gorgeous natural settings and gems hidden between the winding streets and you may just discover something truly spectacular on the holiday of a lifetime.

Key Highlights of Cuba

•Peer back into the crisis era of the 1950s with a visit to the Museum of the Revolution.

•Get a taste for the enriched history of the capital by wandering through Old Havana.

•Pay tribute to history’s most iconic symbol of rebellion by visiting the Che Guevara Mausoleum.

•Ease back and listen as the gentle waves ebb over the soft, white sands of Varadero Beach.

•See the swell of greenery engulf the land from top to bottom at the Valle de Vinales.

•Marvel at the stunning baroque architecture of the looming Plaza de la Catedral.

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With so much variety when it comes to sightseeing around Cuba it can be difficult to decide what to pack, but thankfully due to the somewhat predictable nature of the weather that task can be made much easier.

Cuba features a tropical climate which means heat, humidity and rainfall, so while it may be a good idea to pack light, be sure to bring a mixture of beach wear or light clothing such as shorts and t-shirts for the hotter days, dress options for the mild evenings and one or two items of rain gear just in case a downpour heads your way.

It is recommended that any medicines you may require be purchased prior to travel as Cuba is not known for its wealth of pharmacies, so mosquito repellent and sunscreen should be brought with you.

Being located in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba is treated to a particularly tropical climate which generally consists of a hot temperature combined with regular bouts of rainfall and high levels of humidity.

Cuba’s weather tends to be split into two seasons; a dry season which stretches from November to April and a wet season that begins in May and ends in October.

The most popular time to visit Cuba would be any time during the dry season when the temperature and humidity are lower making the weather much more comfortable. Though the occasional downpour is inevitable, it’s less likely during the dry season as opposed to the wet season which potentially suffers bouts of storms.

•Capital – Havana

•Currency – Cuban Peso

•Language – Spanish

•Time Zone – GMT -4 hours


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