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Cuba Holidays

Book your holidays in Cuba with Travelbag and embrace the Caribbean-Cubana way of life – loose and from the hips. Chill poolside in Cuba resorts or hear tall tales of Hemmingway, Che and la revolución in Havana speakeasies. Lounge along tropical coastline, mingle in the lobby bars of colonial hotels once gangster getaways and embark on humid hikes to the weather-beaten interior.

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Holidays in Cuba

The lure of beachside mojitos, classic cars, and antiquated colonial architecture is more urgent than ever as change is set to come to the north Caribbean’s most alluring, criticised and controversial island; now opening its doors to new experiences with the thawing of American relations. A holiday to Cuba in the next few years could be the last of this kind. There’s still revolution everywhere – the rebel lookout Loma del Capiro in Santa Clara, Havana’s Revolution Square and civil war heroes staring wistfully around courtyards (mainly Che) – so much so, it’s easy to forget there was a Cuba before. Hike the rugged interior mountain ranges like the Sierra Maestra and stop to contemplate the struggle of guerrillas that once hid here and find older generations swilling rum and puffing cigars after a day in the fields. Take a load off in westerly Varadero with our one of Travelbag’s Cuba package holidays where beaches, golfing and five star services are at your beck and call.

Essential Information

Best Beaches in Cuba

The largest of the Antilles, Cuba’s better endowed with quality beachfront than the rest of the Caribbean. Havana’s Playas del Este is an 11 mile chain of beaches about a 20 minute drive east outside of Havana central. It’s less luxury, more local here; music groups strike up tunes in the mid afternoon and habaneros (locals) come for family beach days. Beach parties come and go with the tide down on Playa Santa María del Mar whilst Playa Boca Ciega is for recovering the morning after. For Cuba all inclusive holidays, Varadero is the way: A non-stop 12.5 mile beach resort town. Varadero is a couple of hours east of Havana so you coan split your time: either sample the taste of authentic Cuba away from the splendour of your Varadero resort or rest up with some hard earned creature comforts after embracing Cuban lifestyle.

Luxury Cuba Resorts

Varadero’s accommodations are amongst the best resorts in Cuba and are a no-brainer choice if your Cuba holidays are to be beach, sun and overindulgence. There are stylish suites on the doorstep of beaches and adults only hotels perfect for Cuba honeymoon packages. All are nearby to the Varadero Golf Club, slap bang in the middle of the Varadero peninsula. Havana offers something markedly different from the sun loungers and poolside vibe of Varadero. Hotels like the Iberostar Parque Central are housed within the classy colonial architecture of the old town, lending them a cool veneer reminiscent of mafiosas and big shots of yesteryear. Rooftop pools and sea views are the way to go. At night, clean up good and go boozing in lobby cocktail bars like Nat King Cole or Ernest Hemingway. Later make for the salsa bars where hips sway and rum flows.

Música Sincrético

Calloused hands pick guitar melodies from balconies overhead, trumpets bellow over the clink-clinking of glass in corner bars and drums get beaten black and blue at impromptu street parties. You might not speak Spanish but music and dance are universal languages, seemingly spoken on every Cuban street corner. Take salsa classes and learn the basic steps or throw caution to the winds and get stuck right in after one too many Hemingway Daquiris or mojitos. Dancing here is fuelled by passion, tempered by rum and doesn’t let up till the red morning light. Trinidad in the south is best for the authentic experience viewed from the stoop of La Casa de la Musica and in cave raves (Disco Ayala). In Havana, Fábrica de Arte Cubano is the place to be, a gallery that rearranges to a club that was once a cooking oil factory.

Best Time to Travel

Cuba has a tropical climate which is moderated by the Caribbean Current that delivers warm waters perfect for swimming. There are two seasons: the dry season (November – April) and the rainy season (May – October). Any time you travel to Cuba outside of the dry season will have showers short burst showers in the late afternoon that happen, in part, because of the consistently warm temperatures throughout the year. The best time to visit Cuba is either side of the December – January peak tourist season and it’s generally hotter on the east side of the island than on the west. Hurricane season is between September and October.

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Why Travelbag?

When booking Cuba holidays with Travelbag, you can rely on our 30 years of industry experience. We've built relationships with the world’s leading holiday suppliers in order to provide you with cheap holiday deals for premium destinations.

Our selection of Cuba beach resorts and Cuba hotels make for luxurious, high end holidays in the Caribbean. The beaches, music and dance culture and extraordinary history of Cuba make it a relaxing as much as an interesting destination for your Cuba getaway.

Our experienced phone staff have unrivalled travel knowledge and will assist with any questions or queries pertaining to your holiday. They can help you to choose the best possible resort for your needs, whether you would like to go all inclusive, reserve a beach hut, or even find the best shopping locations! Call one of our travel experts on 0203 139 7074.

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