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Doha Holidays

One of the richest countries in the world, Doha’s oil is often the focal point of this infant city. Age is foolish when it underestimates youth. Doha is aficionado of art, has an eye for modern architecture that echoes an ancient Middle East and a chain of beaches that offer sanctuary from winters elsewhere. Book a holiday in Doha now before the up and coming 2022 World Cup delivers a voice for all these hidden talents.

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Holidays in Doha

The Qatari capital is an increasingly popular stop over city and Middle Eastern holiday destination. In the last half a century skyscrapers and hotels have sprouted from the sand, to tower over mud hovels and dirt roads of yore. Like Dubai and other flourishing sons of the Arabian Peninsula, a getaway to Doha revolves around the crème de la crème. Oil is the new pearl and has made Qatar one of the richest countries in the world. It has urbanised rapidly in the last few decades and is set to host the 2022 World Cup. All this wealth and splendour however, has not diluted ancient Bedouin customs and cultures of Qatar. You can still wonder marketplaces for trinkets and outlandish foods, gaze out onto the Gulf where the slender hulls of dhow boats bob in the water and feel the majesty of ancient Islamic empires in spacious, minimalistic interiors of mosques.

Recommended Holiday Destinations in Doha

Centro Capital Doha
Centro Capital Doha star star star star star

Located on Al Jazeera Street in the Bin Mahmoud district, the Centro Capital Doha brings style, attentive service and convenience to visitors looking to get the most out of their stay in the capital of Qatar. Designed with modern elements and granting plenty of space throughout its accommodations, the hotel combines the feeling of an executive hotel with distinct Centro overtones. Dine fine with the all-day-dining services, rejuvenate in the rooftop pool or explore the surrounding area to uncover such wonders as the nearby Souq Waqif and Villaggio Mall to get the most out of this warm and welcoming escape.

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The St. Regis Doha
The St. Regis Doha star star star star star

Bringing together a sense of Middle Eastern wonder with world-class levels of service, the St. Regis Doha invites travellers the world over to indulge in a setting of style, sophistication and plenty of space. Situated amongst the sights of Doha's Diplomatic District in the West Bay area, the resort provides easy access to several local landmarks while also granting access to a private beachfront for guests to ease back upon. Settle in to one of the 336 elegantly designed accommodations, soothe your senses at the health spa and dine fine at the in-house eateries to get the most out of this Middle Eastern haven.

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Essential Information

Beach Breaks

Qatar has about 350 miles of coastline. Doha’s best beaches are clustered north of the city centre around the West Bay area. It’s here you’ll find the upmarket resorts and beach hotels, the type of places you travel to stay in, rather than stay in to travel. Beaches are typically well equipped with eateries, coffee shops and pools for small children. Water sports like parasailing, windsurfing and wake-boarding are common as are sailing dinghy day trips, kayaking tours and canoeing itineraries – a hit with families. You don’t always have to be a guest to visit the hotel beaches – check with your accommodation. That’s not to say there aren’t any private bits of coastline – some hotel beaches are private with luxurious touches like staff serving frozen snacks and cold drinks. Women should be sure to dress appropriately on public beaches – covered to elbows and knees.

Islamic Opulence

Doha doesn’t disappoint when it comes to luxury and comforts. There’s a big spread of upmarket accommodation options that have cropped up during the cities rapid industrialisation. Expensive individually – yes – but book as part of an all inclusive package and some distant high end options come into focus. Stay in hotel rooms with step out balconies and sea views, adorned with lavish Arabian furnishings. There are resorts with luxurious stone spas and fine dining restaurants, multiple bars and rooftop pools. If you’re looking for something a little more down to earth, check out boutique hotels around the Souq Waqif whose age old style of marble floors, mosaic tiles and wooden ceilings are unbeatable in terms of atmosphere.

Museums and Mosques

Like its cousin Dubai further east along the Arabian Gulf, Doha is a haven of clean running water, air conditioning and spaces free of sand and dust. Desert civilisation is invitingly civilised – like the simple but elegant limestone walls of the Museum of Islamic Art, its shaded walkways rising from the shoreline. It houses displays a whole manner of artefacts – ceramics, metal works, glass, manuscripts and textiles from all over the world, notably Egypt, India, Turkey, and Syria. The collection dates back some 1,300 years, when the Arabian Peninsula was ruled by the third successive caliph to the prophet Muhammad. Add some of Doha’s sleek and sophisticated mosques to your itinerary like the State Grand Mosque with its grandiose entranceways, doomed roof and lithe minaret. Doha may be young but it’s got good taste.

Souq Waqif

Abandon the modern malls for a far more adventurous shopping experience. Traditional souqs are case in point of how Qatar is keeping sight of its roots. It’s a sensory barrage that’s so captivating, it’s likely to be what your recall best. Neglected and partially destroyed by a fire, it was renovated in 2006; mud rendered walls, exposed timber skeleton, four-centered archways and cobbled alleyways. Meander on through to find preserved lemons, pashminas, spices like saffron and sumac, Al-Ras drums, oud (agarwood incense) and traditional handicrafts. In the winter swordsman go through their routines on the doorstep and in summer mist sprayers make it cool enough to loiter in hookah bars and cafes when shops close (between 1pm and 4pm). You’ll see locals puffing thick plumes of sweet scented smoke as they play aldama (backgammon) and sip thick Arabic coffee.

Best Time to Travel

Doha has a hot desert climate with long and hot summer from May – September. The heat at these times of year can make walking around the city unbearable. The best time of the year to go is during the November to April winter when the weather is pleasant – daytime temperatures settling around the 20 degrees Celsius mark. Winter is peak season so expect more crowds. Be mindful of trying to dodge the crowds and the extremely warm weather, springtime is known for dust storms which can be safely avoided in hotels but will mar any excursions outside the city.

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