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Costa Rica Touring


Rainforests shrouded in a lingering mist, fiery volcanos that erupt on a daily basis, exotic wildlife gliding, prowling and burrowing all around you, the glory of nature dominates the spectacular Central American country of Costa Rica.

One of the world’s most bio-diverse nations, Costa Rica’s unique characteristics allow nature to thrive all around you, making a Costa Rica holiday ideal for those with a keen interest in wildlife, geology and eco-tourism.

Join a Travelbag Costa Rica tour and you can admire dramatic landscapes that literally explode, birds that dazzle with their exotic plumage and forests that hide under a blanket of cloud.


A nation positively resplendent with national parks, a Travelbag Costa Rica tour will take you into the heart of these stunning pockets, many of which are blissfully tucked away into the distant corners of the country.

Trek into the virgin forests of Corcovado to spot jaguars stalking through the jungle, wander beneath the foggy mask of the mysterious Monteverde Cloud Forest, keep an eye out for the colourful Macaw and Quetzal as they take flight amongst the canopies of San Gerardo de Dota and watch silently as the endangered green turtle comes ashore at Tortuguero to lay the eggs of its young.

An excellent holiday for those with a keen sense of adventure, hike to the top of Poas Volcano to view the turquoise waters that have formed in the craters of Lake Caliente (the ‘hot lagoon’) and Lake Botos, and watch in awe as the active Arenal Volcano spews lava in the night sky during one of its many eruptions. Indeed, Costa Rica packs a lot into a relatively small space, the variety of eco-systems giving it an identity unlike any other in the world.

Intrigued? Say ‘hola’ to the ‘Ticos’ with an unforgettable journey into the unique world of Costa Rica.

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13 Day Natural Wonders of Costa Rica
13 Day Natural Wonders of Costa Rica
13 Days/ 12 Nights
Independent Touring
If you're looking to discover the heart and soul of a country or region, then independent touring could be the option for you. Our selected itineraries strike the perfect balance between the freedom of travelling independently and the convenience of having your accommodation and transport pre-arranged; leaving you free to explore all the area has to offer.
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Highlights of Costa Rica

Watching in awe as glorious rainbow coloured Macaws glide overhead, pricking your ears at the distant rumble of an erupting volcano overhead, a nose twitching to the fresh aromas of coffee wafting across your path… a Costa Rica holiday will pique the senses like never before.

A Costa Rica tour offers something for everyone, from the discerning adventurer keen to delve deep into the heart of this diverse and bold country, to those curious to discover exactly why Costa Rica is capturing imaginations – and hearts – across the world.

Book a Costa Rica tour with Travelbag and you have the opportunity to embark on a flexible independent or self-drive tour, an escorted tour helmed by our team of friendly and helpful guides, or a small group tour of no more than 16 members – ideal for a romantic break with a difference!

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Key Highlights of Costa Rica

  • Being awe-struck by the exploding Arenal Volcano
  • Trekking into the virgin forests of Corcovado
  • Watching silently as green turtles come ashore in Tortuguero
  • Walking amidst the foggy cloud forest of Monteverde
  • Cruising the caiman-rich wetlands of Cano Negro
  • Supping a fresh mug of coffee in cultural San Jose

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Touring Costa Rica


  • Gasp at Arenal’s ‘firework’ displays - Marvel at the nightly firework displays of the mighty Arenal Volcano, one of Latin America’s most active – and spectacular – volcanos.
  • Touch the clouds of Monteverde - Keep an eye out for the beautiful Quetzal bird amidst the eerie fog and mist of the fauna rich Monteverde Cloud Forest.
  • Hike into the craters of Poas - Discover the breathtaking turquoise lakes of Costa Rica’s active Poas Volcano, including the steaming waters of Lake Caliente (hot lagoon), one of the world’s most acidic lakes.
  • Witness the miracle of nature -  Embark on an unforgettable night walk in Tortuguero for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the endangered green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.
  • Delve into the jaguar’s jungle - Spot graceful jaguars, colourful macaws and playful monkeys when you venture deep into the diverse virgin forests of Corcovado National Park
  • Savour a fresh cup of Costa Rica - Be sure to absorb the atmosphere of charming San Jose, Chile’s capital city, by sitting back with a fresh mug of local coffee and a sweet ‘churro’ or two.
  • Trek into the heart of Sarapiqui - Indulge your adventurous side with a hike into the lush forest trails of Sarapiqui, abundant with stunning tropical birds, butterflies and monkeys
  • Spot the fearsome Costa Rican caiman - Cruise along the wetlands of Cano Negro in the north of Costa Rica for the chance to see a Caiman, a member of the alligator family.
  • Sink into the sands of Manuel Antonio - Allow yourself a moment of respite on one of Costa Rica’s magnificent beaches, such as the Pacific Ocean-fringed sands of Manuel Antonio.
  • A bird-spotters paradise - Trek into the heart of Costa Rica’s picturesque valleys at San Gerardo de Dota, a haven for bird-watchers with its abundance of quetzals, peccaries, woodpeckers and hummingbirds.


ArenalA volcano that has been known to erupt up to 20 times a day, a visit to Arenal is a memorable opportunity to watch a spectacular display of ‘fireworks’ as lava spews into the night sky and flows down the steep sides.
Corcovado National Park
Corcovado National ParkVenture into the diverse virgin rainforests of Corcovado National Park to spot the native wildlife of jaguars, monkeys and macaws.
MonteverdeBetter known as a ‘Cloud Forest’ due to the mist, fog and low cloud that hangs amongst the tops of the trees, the eerie Monteverde rainforest is also home to an incredibly diverse variety of flora and fauna, including the majestic Quetzal bird.
San Jose
San JoseAs a nation renowned for its coffee production – and consumption - Costa Rica’s capital of San Jose is the perfect place to sit back and appreciate this friendly, laidback city with a mug of the freshest java and a tasty ‘churro’ (doughnut) snack.


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