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Bahrain Holidays

Travelbag’s tailored holiday packages to Bahrain are a good choice for a first-time getaway to the Middle East. Its cosmopolitan upbringing means this place is accustomed to Western cultures and behaviours. Book your holiday to Bahrain and slip into an Arabian dream. Expect authentic Arabian coastal towns, a Bronze Age culture preserved in museums, and ultra-modern hotels. 

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Holidays in Bahrain

Located in the Arabian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain is and archipelago of 33 islands, the only island country in the Middle East. 4,500 years ago, it was the capital of the ancient Dilmun civilisation. Today, Bahrain’s astounding attractions extend to world class museums, two UNESCO world heritage sites, white sand beaches, untouched islands, amazing wildlife and the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Recommended Holiday Destinations in Bahrain

Essential Information

Discover the history

Bahrain is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, enlightening museums, one of the largest mosques, and the oldest souq of its kind in the region. The Qal’at al-Bahrain fort is another must see, dating back over 5000 years to the ancient Dilmun civilisation. The fort is best viewed at sunset, when floodlights illuminate its ancient arches.  


Bask in year round sunshine

Bahrain’s location in the Arabian Gulf allows it to enjoy year round sunshine. Enjoying average temperatures in the 20s throughout the winter it’s the perfect place to jet off for some much needed winter sun. Whether you like relaxing by the pool, exploring ancient forts or trying a new water sport, Bahrain’s climate is ideal. 


Lap of luxury

International hoteliers are flocking to the islands of Bahrain to take their slice of paradise. The kingdom is home to world class hotels, with fine dining, beautiful beaches and stunning spas. From the Ritz-Carlton’s stunning beach area, to the fabulous ‘Play’ restaurant at the Jumeirah Royal Saray, Bahrain boasts an enticing level of luxury.


Café culture

Bahrain has a thriving café and restaurant culture, Block 338 is a charming pedestrian quarter crammed with international restaurants, art galleries and small boutiques. At its heart you’ll find Al Riwaq Gallery, showcasing the best art from both Bahrain’s burgeoning scene and from around the world. Make sure you ask what’s on as you dine out as many of the restaurants host live music and dancing events on different nights.


Souk shopping

Bahrain has a number of traditional souks that are the perfect place to pick up a souvenir. The largest is located in the centre of Manama, a trip to Bahrain is not complete without wandering through one of the traditional souks, breathing in the aroma of spices and haggling with the local traders. If traditional souks aren’t your thing, there are also modern malls a plenty, filled with fashionable restaurants and world-class brands. 


Island Hopping

A short boat could take you to explore the other islands that make up the archipelago of Bahrain. Visit one at a time of combine them into an island hopping tour. The nearest getaway are the Al Dar islands, a family friendly beach resort with an array of water sports for you to try. For pure paradise head to Jarada Island, a stunning tidal island that appears and disappears with the ebb of the tide, or visit Hawar Islands where you can look out for the dolphins who play in the calm Gulf seas while flamingos stalk through the shallow waters.


Treasure Island

For a once in a lifetime opportunity, why not try pearl diving? Historically Bahrain was the centre of the world’s pearl trade, with local pearls considered among the best in the world. Today head to Bahrain’s Muhurraq Island to explore The Pearling Trail – a UNESCO World Heritage site that includes 17 listed buildings and three oyster beds. You can wander these old houses and palaces in Muhurraq or explore the treasures in Bahrain’s turquoise waters for yourself - any pearls you do find are yours to keep forever.


Best Time to Visit Bahrain

Bahrain has a tropical desert climate characterised by two seasons. The exceedingly hot summer runs from May through to October, and winter descends from November to April. Average temperatures may vary little, but the best time of the year for a holiday in Bahrain is between mid-November and mid-March. This is when the Bahrain weather is hot, but the evenings are pleasantly cool. It''s best to avoid visiting in summer as the humidity makes conditions extreme. It's also worth bearing in mind that sand storms can whip up in the spring – they’re infrequent, but can limit your activity.

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Why Travelbag?

Find cheap holiday deals and bargain all-inclusive Bahrain packages with Travelbag. Explore the Dilmun civilisation on the Pearling Trail, luxuriate in high end hotels along the northern coastline and shop for exotic trinkets in traditional souqs and markets.

Book your holiday to the Middle East with Travelbag and benefit from experts who have been tailor making holidays since 1979. Bahrain’s liberalness makes it an ideal first time holiday destination for the Middle East; drinking alcohol is not prohibited and its capital, Manama, has a long standing cosmopolitan makeup as a historical centre for commerce.

Call our customer services department on 0203 944 2201 or visit us in one of our branches to arrange and book your Bahrain getaway today. Our phone lines are open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am until 6pm on Saturday and 10am until 5pm on Sundays.

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