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St Lucia

An island cloaked in the rich emerald hues of a mountainous interior, ringed by sands that glisten pearl-like in the ever-present sun, St. Lucia successfully fulfils the fantasy of a Caribbean paradise.

A haven of luxurious resorts in a sumptuously luxurious setting, St. Lucia beckons with the promise of some of the Caribbean’s most extraordinary beaches and scenery. Come to St. Lucia to gaze at the distinctive Piton peaks, sink your toes into powdery soft sands and delve into a stunning underwater world of marine life – there is something for everyone.

Known as one of the Caribbean’s most laidback islands, St. Lucia is the perfect choice for those seeking a romantic escape in a truly spectacular location.

Saint Lucia Beaches Saitn Lucia Bays Saint Lucia Holidays

Key Highlights of St Lucia

  • Relaxing on the pristine sands of St. Lucia’s marvellous beaches
  • Immersing yourself in a fabulously laidback and romantic island lifestyle
  • Spotting St. Lucia’s iconic Piton volcanic plugs
  • Treating yourself to a stay in one of St. Lucia’s extraordinary luxury resorts
  • Taking advantage of the perfect conditions for sailing across perfect blue waters
  • Driving into the crater of Soufriere Volcano

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The height of luxury, St. Lucia is a marvelous Caribbean island. From the Soufriere volcano to marine life to the laidback beach lifestyle, there is so much to enjoy as this extraordinary place. But, don’t forget the essentials!

Firstly, get your medicine bag in order. It will be hot so sunscreen and after sun are must-haves. The mosquitos do like to nip so insect repellent and antiseptic creams are also useful. Aside from that, you can get most things on the island but make sure you pack what you will need.

Temperatures are fairly consistent in St. Lucia so it is all about casual clothing, particularly for the daytime. A lot of your holiday will be spent in beachwear so bring a lot of that, and something for covering up in the heat too! Evenings are still warm so linen trousers and light cardigans are perfect. There are some nice restaurants on the island though and smarter clothing may be needed if you are dining there.

Sandals, flip-flops and trainers are often the chosen footwear for people holidaying in St. Lucia. This gives you the variety that you could need for any occasion. Finally, there can be spontaneous thunderstorms or rain so a light rain jacket or poncho can also be useful.

  • Capital – Castries.
  • Currency – East Caribbean dollar.
  • Language – English.
  • Time Zone – GMT -4 hours.

St. Lucia has a climate that is typical of a Caribbean island – sunshine year-round. It is a hot, tropical climate and there are two main seasons with little variation.

The driest period runs from December through May and this is also the peak in terms of tourism. As the winter sets in in the UK, it is a great destination for warming up but as the temperature rises to 27ºC average high so do the prices.

Heading into the summer, you get average highs touching 30ºC with higher humidity from June to November. It is also wetter at this time and hurricane season is until October, although not that many have directly hit St. Lucia.


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