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A stunning tropical location of pristine beaches, sparkling waters and stunning landscapes, Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s premier holiday destinations. Discover this magnificent location for less than you ever imagined with one of Travelbag’s 3 star resorts and hotels. With superb beachfront settings, comfortable accommodation and impressive facilities, our 3 star resorts are superb value-for-money.
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OZO Chaweng Samui
OZO Chaweng Samui star star star plus
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Kick back and relax in style along the coast of Koh Samui while staying at OZO Chaweng Samui; a warm and welcoming haven nestled along Chaweng Beach Road. Ideally situated so adventurers can easily access the buzzing centre of Chaweng while those looking for peace and quiet won't be disturbed, this simple yet exciting getaway is perfect for any and all travellers.

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Koh Samui

One of Thailand’s most romantic locations, Koh Samui is a spectacular choice for a Thailand holiday with its sublime beaches, extraordinary scenery and stunning diving opportunities.

Spend your days relaxing in the sun on the soft sands of iconic Chaweng Beach, admire a spectacular sunset as you walk hand-in-hand with a loved one, dive to the depths of the sparkling Gulf of Thailand to discover an incredible underwater world... Koh Samui has it all.

Perfect for those seeking a tranquil tropical escape or to experience the island’s renowned party lifestyle, Koh Samui captures the very best of Thailand in one remarkable setting.

Stunning Koh Samui Thailand Highlights Koh Samui Highlights

Key Highlights of Koh Samui

  • Embracing Koh Samui’s indulgent island life
  • Relaxing and partying on the lively stretch of beautiful Chaweng Beach
  • Sharing a moment of tranquillity with your partner on a romantic escape
  • Losing yourself in the bliss of an authentic Thai massage and spa treatment
  • Taking advantage of a stunning underwater world with a spot of diving
  • Partying the night away at the renowned Full Moon Party on nearby Koh Phangan

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Koh Samui, call us on 0203 139 7074 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.

Koh Samui is hot all year round, with temperatures bordering on sweltering between March and September, so you are going to want clothes that breathe. This means you are going to want to leave your jeans behind and stick to shorts, dresses and loose trousers. In terms of upper body, look for linen and keep clothes loose to ensure maximum comfort during the warm day.

Beautiful beaches are what Koh Samui is all about so your beachwear is going to be essential. You probably will not need the windbreaker but go for swimwear, beach towels, sun cream and something to entertain yourself with, be that a good book or a giant inflatable beach ball.

Always remember that a famously insane Full Moon Party is always round the corner in Koh Samui so prepare yourself for a night to remember when you are packing.

Finally, do not forget that tropical rains may affect your trip later on in the year so a pair of waterproof shoes and a poncho will not go to waste.

  • Capital – Koh Samui is an island in the province of Surat Thani. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.
  • Currency – The Thai Baht is the official currency and bear the symbol ?. You may also see it listed as THB in bureau de changes.
  • Language – the official language is Thai which can also be referred to as Siamese.
  • Time Zone – GMT+7

Koh Samui will never have you reaching for the thick coat but there are 3 distinct seasons which bring different experiences to this island’s tropical climate.

The dry season runs from December to February and as suggested by the name the rainfall is to a minimum. That together with the ambient average temperature of 27°C, the calm seas and the light winds makes it the most popular visiting season for tourists.

After this comes the hot season which lasts until September and brings average temperatures of around 30°C. There will be lovely long days of sunshine which make for blissful beach days if you can take the heat. Be prepared for the odd thunderstorm rolling in from the ocean if you are visiting after May though.

Finally, comes the rainy season. This season provides quintessential South East Asian monsoons which supply much needed fresh water to this parched island. Plan a holiday at this time if you want cheap rates and do not mind getting a little wet in pursuit of them.


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