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Las Vegas Rollercoasters

by daniel dawson on 12 March 2013, 09:03AM Las Vegas Rollercoasters

Vegas isn't just about the gambling, you know. While the shining bright lights of the strip attracts gamblers from the world-over with its promise of memorable late nights and big cash windfalls, it's also hard to miss the speed and intensity of the rides which litter the entrance ways and rooftops of many casinos. Roller coaster aficionados have long appreciated Vegas for its high concentration of triple A thrill rides, but there is more variety available for those who want it.


With 25 rides, the Adventuredome is a reasonably sized theme park, but with one extremely unique feature. The entirety of the five acre park is housed indoors, with the 350,000 square ft. dome making for a memorable and iconic structure. The Adventuredome features the world's largest indoors double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster, making it a popular destination for that reason alone. Marketed primarily as a family attraction amongst the glitz and otherwise child-unfriendly elements of Vegas, the Adventuredome combines the thrill of white knuckle with the kiddish and the colourful, all draped in an ethereal pink hue from the titanic domed roof.  

The Roller Coaster

The Manhattan Express had a bit of a reputation as being a rough-and-ready ride that threw its participants from side to side during the duration of its two minutes forty seconds. Since its rebranding as The Roller Coaster and upgrade to state of the art passenger cabs, the ride has become one of the smoothest Nevada has to offer. Following the theme of its native New York-New York Hotel and Casino, The Roller Coaster makes its way through a replica of the Big Apple skyline – complete with its very own statue of liberty! The coaster runs at 67 miles per hour, with a 144ft drop. The cabs themselves are shaped and styled to mimic the iconic New York yellow taxicabs, although travel at a speed surely never seen in New York City!

The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere tower is home to the three highest thrill rides on the planet: X-Scream, Insanity, and Big Shot.


The third highest, although an argument could be made for it being by far the scariest! One strip of a roller coaster track operates in a seesaw motion, sending the solitary car teetering back and forth towards the 866ft sheer drop. It is designed to keep the rider constantly on edge- literally!


The newest and second highest of the Stratosphere's rides. Riders are left facing straight down the 900ft gap to the ground below as it swings them round with increasing speed. This is definitely only one for the most hardcore of thrill seekers!

Big Shot

It might seem strange to say that the highest thrill ride in the world is tame by comparison, but it is hard to match the sheer terror that X-Scream and Big Shot create. The space shot style tower sits atop of the 921ft Stratosphere tower, making its total height a whopping 1,081ft. There are few more spectacular views in the world than witnessing for yourself the sprawling desert lay itself out past the bright lights of Vegas.


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