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Top honeymoon trends in 2024

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An extraordinary year in travel lies ahead. And if you’re due to be or are recently hitched, here are the trends for 2024 honeymoons.

Meaningful, memorable, and magical are key ingredients of any honeymoon. Once upon a time, that post-wedding getaway was a tropical beach escape complete with serene surroundings and a spot of sunset dining. And although this style is still popular, many new, unique honeymoon trends are in the air this year.

Which one makes your heart skip a beat?

Slow travel

Rather than rushing from one spot to another, this trend is about couples immersing themselves in different cultures and visiting honeymoon destinations at their own pace, enjoying both the location and each other. Think pre-planned itineraries and unique, one-of-a-kind experiences; rather than heading to the country’s most popular waterpark, you’ll find water-based bliss at a hidden-away hot spring. You’ll also embrace a slow-paced, relaxed way of life by taking a boat or train between destinations rather than a plane. There are many reasons why this trend is gaining popularity among honeymooners - from environmental to wellness benefits. But, most importantly, why the rush? Honeymoons are for you and your significant other - the world can wait. 

Event holidays

Another 2024 honeymoon trend is that many couples will book their highly anticipated honeymoons during a significant event. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see your favourite band perform live in America, or you’re longing to see the Olympics in Paris - attending a once-in-a-lifetime event during your trip is a shared experience you’ll never forget! Event-driven holidays are a great way to get organised, as once you’ve decided on your event and destination, the rest of your honeymoon can be customised around it.

Sustainable escapes

The commitment to sustainability continues to grow, and many couples, especially the more green-fingered of us, will opt for an eco-friendly honeymoon in 2024. Think destinations focused on conservation and hotels that aim to protect and preserve their surrounding environments. Not only will newlyweds aim to stay somewhere eco-friendly, but they’ll also get involved in green activities such as coral-binding and tree-planting. Minimise your carbon footprint and enjoy time together on your honeymoon, knowing your money is going towards local sustainability projects.

Celestial experiences

What’s more romantic than stargazing in an iconic destination with your soulmate? Many destinations offer mesmerising celestial experiences. Dubai, for example, is home to the Al Qudra desert, where the Dubai Astronomy Group hold regular stargazing events. Likewise, Iceland is famous for offering perfectly placed hotels and lodges far away from artificial light pollution – meaning the sky is clear enough to study constellations and legendary sightings of the northern lights. Romance? It’s in the stars. 

All-inclusive luxury

Traditionally, honeymoons are all about relaxation. Soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, perhaps being waited on while you spend some well-deserved quality time together! All-inclusive holidays are perfect for a no-fuss experience - with one single payment, you’ll enjoy essentials like meals, drinks, and leisure facilities. As a honeymooner, set your sights on prestigious boutique hotels boasting higher levels of privacy as part of an all-inclusive package.

Digital detox

Many couples are saying goodbye to digital disturbances during their escape as newlyweds. And choosing hotels that are a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can help encourage a no-phone policy. How about a luxurious lodge amid wildlife and nature? Or a resort offering up traditional entertainment over televisions and electronic devices? After all, swapping screen time for quality time is what honeymoons are all about.  

Insta-worthy, aesthetic hotels

From no distractions to Insta-central - aesthetically pleasing interior design-focused hotels in eye-catching destinations will also take centre stage in 2024. With selfie-worthy spots, picture-perfect designs, and luxurious amenities to match – getting your phone out and taking pictures is encouraged! Step into stylish suites surrounded by wildlife or enjoy views of world-famous landmarks. From tropical beachside huts and underwater dining in the Maldives to astounding natural beauty in Jamaica, plenty of picturesque backgrounds for your honeymoon snaps await.

Set jetting

Ever watched TV and found yourself in awe of the backdrop? From Emily strutting down Paris’ pretty streets to David Attenborough, the voice of nature, narrating the world’s beautiful wildlife spots - it’s no surprise how many of us are set-jetting to the destinations featured in our favourite shows, and this trend is set to continue in 2024. Whether you fancy a tailor-made, immersive experience at a show’s exact filming location or want to pretend you’re a main character in a bucket list city, tap into the set-jetting trend and book your boxset-inspired break today.

Historic holidays

They say there’s no time like the present, but in 2024, there will be plenty of looking back to the past. Many newlyweds will head on an educational, historic escape to destinations with world-renowned histories like Vietnam, Italy, and Egypt! A honeymoon is the perfect time to travel somewhere you’ve always dreamed of. How about visiting one of the seven wonders during your holiday? What an awe-inspiring start to married life.

Hidden gems

There’s something super romantic about getting off the beaten track. Rather than touristy hot spots, it’s predicted couples will choose alternative honeymoon destinations with lesser-known landmarks and attractions. And the best thing? These places will likely be quiet and tranquil – ideal for a rejuvenating honeymoon holiday. Sound bliss? We think so.


If you like the sound of these up-and-coming honeymoon trends, contact our Travel Specialists today or visit your nearest Travelbag shop. Whichever trend is calling to you, fall in love with your honeymoon, as there’s no better way to kick start your happily ever after than jetting off together to explore the world.

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