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The Virgin Atlantic experience

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Ready to see the world differently? Quality comfort, exceptional service, delicious refreshments, and inflight entertainment – that’s exactly what you can expect from a Virgin Atlantic flight. 

Depending on the cabin class chosen, you’ll enjoy a range of features whilst soaring through the sky. Cloud-nine? It’s waiting. 

At Travelbag, your dream holiday can be tailored to a T – from airline preferences to worldwide destinations and expertly curated itineraries. One of the ways we make your travel experience simple and stress-free is by sending our valued employees on exotic trips, so they return with up-to-date knowledge and recommendations. Our Destination Manager for Africa, Susan, and some of our Travel Specialists recently flew premium economy with Virgin Atlantic to Cape Town, South Africa.

In this blog, it’s not about the destination but the journey. So, Susan, tell us all about your Virgin Atlantic experience…


Premium economy offers priority boarding – an excellent option for those looking for a speedy, smooth, and hassle-free start to their holiday. Forget about waiting around the airport and enjoy Virgin Atlantic’s accelerated boarding service, and, as we did, you’ll avoid long queues and have immediate access to your seat and overhead storage space, not to mention the complimentary glass of prosecco – or soft drink – as you board the plane. We had plenty of time to settle into our seats, making us feel more comfortable and at ease ahead of our eleven-hour flight.


“Friendly, spacious and stress-free.” 

These are three words I’d use to describe the premium economy cabin. This part of the plane is smaller than economy class, which creates a feeling of exclusivity. What’s more, each passenger benefits from a larger, spacious seating area - their immaculate appearance suggests they’re cleaned often and thoroughly - and the extra legroom makes such a difference to how comfortable you feel during a flight! To put that extra space into perspective, you wouldn’t notice if the passenger in front reclined their chair. Everyone is utterly comfortable in their seats.

A key feature of premium economy is the seating arrangement. It’s set up in rows of two and four, so you’d only be seated with your friends and family. The two-seat arrangement is, of course, ideal for honeymooners or those heading on a romantic escape.

Fancy a bite to eat? Virgin Atlantic premium economy served up a selection of tasty hot dishes, including a lip-smacking chicken lasagne! And later, during the flight, the cabin crew offered sweet treats! Afternoon tea, anyone? There’s also a great variety of snacks to choose from throughout the entire journey. Premium is home to the ‘Wonder Wall’, filled with cereal bars, crisps, chocolate - you name it! Then, when you’re satisfyingly full, you’ll be ready to enjoy the in-seat entertainment screen with over 300 hours of movies and series. Their platform is called ‘Vera’ - and there’s plenty to choose from; their top ten picks are marked with a heart icon. This made finding something from varied and up-to-date selections much easier, and there’s Wi-Fi onboard, too. 


Passengers can choose from economy, premium economy, or upper class. We flew premium economy and enjoyed dedicated check-in, priority boarding, entertainment facilities, a glass of bubbly, extra legroom, and a great selection of meals served on China crockery. 

Upgrade to upper class, and you’ll enjoy creature comforts in your own space, fast-track private security, mouth-watering al-la carte dining, and an extra-large seat that transforms into a flatbed! You’d also benefit from exclusive access to Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse - a luxurious airport lounge that resembles a five-star hotel! This is the perfect place to relax before your flight, away from the usual airport hustle and bustle. 

Looking for a classic service with great value for money? Choose from Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Economy Delight. Each comes with different seating and baggage options. 

Although we were in premium, I managed to sneak a peak of the upper class! The main noticeable difference was the sleek bar area, which would be great if passengers wanted a break from their seats. 


The cabin crew do all they can to ensure the passengers’ journey is memorable. And the Virgin Atlantic team seemed genuinely happy to be there - especially during the daytime flight. Extremely warm, friendly, and approachable, each member was attentive to our every need. The cabin crew contributed to the wonderful atmosphere on board by always coming around and serving drinks, having a laugh, and chatting with guests. An impressive 10 out of 10 service, the team went above and beyond to ensure we had a fantastic experience.


Virgin Atlantic fly daily to Cape Town. From its iconic mountain ranges, mesmerising natural wonders, and luscious landscapes, this is the perfect destination for an adventure. Because of the breathtaking surroundings, it’s no surprise many locals lead an active lifestyle! And what better way to prepare for some outdoorsy Cape Town sightseeing than the comfort of Virgin Atlantic?

Looking for some top tips when visiting Cape Town? We got you.


Virgin Atlantic helps to make travelling with young children as easy as possible. There are different seating options, entertainment categories tailor-made for children’s viewing, small-portion meals made for little ones, and much more! This airline prides itself on catering for everyone and embracing uniqueness and individuality, and this shows in the diversity of features and facilities available.


A tailor-made Travelbag trip to Cape Town with Virgin Atlantic has everything you need. Don’t wing it and book at the last minute – speak to our Travel Specialists and plan your next holiday today!



With over 40 years in travel and hundreds of experts ready to help you realise your dream holiday.

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