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A country of extraordinary contrasts, Japan excites as much as it sooths, looks forward whilst retaining a step in the past, blends quirky traits with functional simplicity… In short, it is a land like no other in the world.

Whether it’s the pulsating neon lights of Tokyo, the peaceful gardens of Kyoto, the flourish of cherry blossoms, the sight of exquisitely-attired geishas or the snow-dusted peaks of Mt. Fuji, Japan conjures countless iconic images.

Coupled to a truly unique culture that is woven into a dazzlingly beautiful landscape, a Japan tour has the power to educate, enthral and excite in ways you won’t experience anywhere else, and Travelbag is committed to ensuring you get the most from this intoxicating country.


For many, a Japanese adventure begins in the mighty metropolis of Tokyo, a ‘super-city’ that is considered to be the world’s largest. With a cityscape that stretches further than the eye can see, the sheer scale of Tokyo is both daunting and spectacular, the relentless activity and organised chaos a 24 hour staple of this magnificent destination.

With fascinating curios to be found around nearly every corner, no amount of time in Tokyo will allow you to fully uncover the treasures awaiting you, but that just adds to the mystique. A tour of Tokyo offers endless possibilities, whether that involves shopping in Shibuya, strolling the gardens of the Imperial Palace, being dazzled by technology in Akhibara, admiring sacred shrines, gazing across the skyline in Roppongi Hills or getting wrapped up in the frenzy of Tsukiji Fish Market.

Venture beyond Tokyo and Japan reveals itself as a devastatingly beautiful and naturally splendid country, with a comfortable ride on the Shinkansen ‘Bullet Train’ racing past landscapes of rolling hills, flourishing sakura (cherry blossom), plunging valleys, soaring mountains and dramatic volcanoes, most notably the spectacularly beautiful Mt. Fuji.

For those whose image of Japan is that of idyllic, intricately manicured gardens, the ancient imperial city of Kyoto is where fantasy becomes reality. Replete with breathtaking landmarks, including temples, shrines, pagodas and parks, a day spent in Kyoto is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Further south, a necessary stop on any Japan tour is Hiroshima, a notorious city which will forever be recognised as the site for the world’s first atomic bomb deployment. The scars of such an event, which signalled the end of World War II, are always evident, particularly in the moving and beautiful Peace Memorial Park, where striking monuments and a museum recounting the events leading up to and after the bomb will stay with you forever.

Wherever you go in Japan, however, there are countless unforgettable moments to be enjoyed, from feeding the friendly deer of Nara, to exploring the high-tech city of Osaka, to venturing beyond Honshu to Kyushu in the south or Hokkaido in the north…

Better still is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Japan’s culture, from partaking in the favourite pastime of karaoke, feasting on some deliciously authentic cuisine – including sushi – or sinking into a traditional onsen, especially one perched on a refreshing mountainside.

Join Travelbag on a Japan tour to discover the treasures of this astonishing country and prepare to be inspired…

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9 Day Splendours of Japan
9 Day Splendours of Japan
9 Days/ 8 Nights
Escorted Tours
For those who enjoy the company of like-minded travellers, an escorted tour is a great way to see all the major sights, or discover a path less well trodden. From the comfort of a larger air-conditioned coach, and with the help of an expert local guide you'll learn about your destination in a safe and fun environment. With many of your meals also included, you're free to sit back and enjoy your holiday without having to worry about a thing.
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Japan Highlights

A culture unlike any other, Japan arguably stands apart from any other destination in the world for its engaging blend of charming age-old traditions and quirky futuristic forward-thinking.

A Japan tour with Travelbag is an unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in this country’s striking extremes, whether you’re getting blissfully lost in Tokyo’s mammoth urban sprawl, finding peace amongst Kyoto’s sakura, experiencing a moment of reflection in Hiroshima or sampling an entirely new culinary delight.

Never anything less than captivating, a Japan tour will take you to some of the world’s most iconic destinations, where the endemic charm of the people, the spectacular natural beauty and fascinating culture will leave you wanting more.

Key Highlights of Japan

  • Being dazzled by the neon lights of terrific Tokyo
  • Strolling the peaceful temples and gardens of Kyoto
  • Pausing for a moment of reflection in Hiroshima
  • Feasting on Japan’s unique take on cuisine
  • Scaling the majestic Mount Fuji
  • Immersing yourself in Japan’s quirky traditions

For more information about Travelbag’s excellent range of Japan tours, call 0203 944 2201 to chat with one of our knowledgeable travel experts about creating the perfect Japan holiday for you.

Top 10 Things to do

1. Step foot in the world’s biggest city
Nothing can describe the moment of arriving in Tokyo, a city that stretches further than the eye can see, dazzles all hours of the day and exhilarates from start-to-finish.
2. Find peace in idyllic Kyoto
The image of idyllic Japan, visiting Kyoto is an opportunity to witness exquisite shrines, stroll gloriously tranquil islands and possibly catch a glimpse at the elusive geisha.
3. Feast on a Japanese banquet
Few countries in the world offer a menu of culinary delights so wide, so varied and – at times – so baffling, making ordering a meal in Japan a fascinating adventure
4. Gaze in awe at the iconic Mt. Fuji
A spectacular image when viewed afar from the Bullet Train as it speeds past, the iconic Mount Fuji also attracts the intrepid adventurer looking to scale its lofty heights.
5. Pause for reflection in Hiroshima
A city etched in history as the scene of the first atomic bomb deployment, Hiroshima may have been rebuilt, but the scars of that moment make this an educating and moving visit.
6. Ride the iconic Bullet Train further afield
From Hokkaido to Kyushu, Japan’s iconic Shinkansen (or Bullet Train) is a fast, safe and comfortable way to not only get across Japan, but to admire the scenery at the same time
7. Feed the friendly deer of Nara
Resplendent with exquisite shrines and temples, Nara – near Kyoto – is also famous for the thousands of tame and friendly deer that frequent the large parkland.
8. Reside in an authentic Ryokan on Miyajima Island
Book yourself a traditional Ryokan ‘Bed & Breakfast’ for a true Japanese hospitality experience. Ryokans are available across the country, but a stay on peaceful Miyajima Island is the perfect accompaniment.
9. Sink into a traditional mountainside onsen
The Japanese take on the regular spa, onsens are plentiful in Japan, whether it’s simply a regular bathing house or an outdoor hot spring set on the mountainside overlooking glorious vistas.
10. Admire the beauty of cherry blossom season
Japan is a beautiful country whichever time of year you visit, but none more so than during sakura (cherry blossom) season, which sweeps across the country between March and April.

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