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If you’re lucky enough to be starting to plan your dream honeymoon, you should know that you have got a world of exploration at your feet. The destinations are varied, the cultures are exhilarating, the travel options get better every year, and so do the deals. At Travelbag, we can’t get enough of the loved up couples who come to us for help planning the perfect honeymoon – they hand us their dreams, no matter how complex, and we hand them back as fully fledged realities.

There has simply never been a better time to jet off on a romantic adventure, as we have just launched our new Honeymoon Account. This is the perfect way to relieve the financial pressures of wedding planning, by asking your friends and family to contribute to our honeymoon as their wedding gift to you. The service is free of charge and you will be assigned your very own honeymoon travel expert, who will inspire you with honeymoon ideas, organise your dream honeymoon and collect contributions towards your honeymoon. You will receive up to 100 cards to include in your wedding invites, telling your friends and family how they can contribute to your honeymoon.

How it works:

1. We assign you a dedicated honeymoon travel expert
When you open a honeymoon account, you will be assigned your own personal honeymoon travel expert based in a Travelbag shop, who will help plan your perfect honeymoon, take care of your booking and be the point of contact for your friends and family to contribute.
2. Send out your Honeymoon cards to friends & family
Once you have opened your honeymoon account with one of our honeymoon travel experts and put down a £100 initial deposit, you will be given up to 100 cards to include in your invites, with all the details on how your friends and family can contribute to your honeymoon. You can of course choose not to use the cards and include the contribution information in your invites as you wish.
3. Friends & family can offer their contributions
To contribute, your friends and family simply need to contact your honeymoon travel expert who will take payment and then direct them to an online form where they can leave you a message.
4. Booking your Honeymoon
You can book your honeymoon at any time after setting up the account and also travel at anytime. Normally the account would be closed for contributions the day after your wedding.
At 12 weeks before you travel, your final payment towards the honeymoon will be due. You will be asked to pay the remaining balance on your honeymoon booking less the contributions you have received up to this point.
Should you receive any more contributions after this date or should the contributions you receive be more than the value of your honeymoon, these will either be returned to you as Travelbag gift vouchers or refunded to you after you travel, depending on the circumstances*.

To find out more and set up your honeymoon account, call our team of honeymoon travel experts on 0207 001 4119

*Terms and conditions apply to honeymoon accounts and the contributions made towards them. It is important you read and understand the terms and conditions before opening a honeymoon account. Please see below:

The following terms and conditions apply in respect of our Honeymoon Gift List option:

  1. These terms and conditions apply to both the Passengers opening the Honeymoon Gift List (“Passengers”) and Contributors to the Honeymoon Gift List “Contributors”.
  2. The Honeymoon Gift List option is only available for bookings made in store or by telephone. Bookings made online will not qualify for the Honeymoon Gift List option.
  3. Once a Honeymoon Gift List option has been requested, a Honeymoon specialist will open the Honeymoon Gift List.
  4. If the Passengers wish to open a Honeymoon Gift List prior to booking the honeymoon, the Passengers must pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 to open the Honeymoon Gift List.
  5. The Passengers may decide to open a Honeymoon Gift List after booking their honeymoon.
  6. We are happy to provide honeymoon cards for the Passengers to include with their wedding invitations. There is a choice of at least 2 designs and the Passengers may request up to 100 cards free of charge. Any additional cards will be charged at 10 pence per card. The honeymoon cards do not have to be used, but it is the Passengers’ responsibility to communicate the details of their Honeymoon Gift List correctly to their guests or Contributors.
  7. All honeymoon cards must be clearly marked with the reference number relating to the relevant Honeymoon Gift List, the names of the Passengers and the honeymoon specialist’s name and contact details. The Passengers are responsible for ensuring accurate information is provided and we will not be responsible for any errors.
  8. Lost or stolen cards may be replaced subject to a fee of 10 pence per card.
  9. Friends and family can contribute to the Honeymoon Gift List in person or by telephone. Contributions cannot be made online or by email. The contributions can be used to cover the cost of the holiday only, which includes accommodation, transfers and flights.
  10. To make a contribution to the Honeymoon Gift List, friends and family must contact the Honeymoon specialist using the details on the honeymoon card.
  11. There is no minimum or maximum amount for contributions to a Honeymoon Gift List. Please note that in some cases, contributions will be non-refundable. Please check at the time of making a contribution.
  12. Friends and family can contribute up until the day after the Passengers’ wedding, at which point the Honeymoon Gift List will be closed. Any payments made by cheque must be made no later than 5 days before the wedding.
  13. There will be no fee for debit card or credit card payments.
  14. Payment receipts will be emailed to the Contributor when payment is taken. In addition, receipts may also be forwarded to the Passengers upon request, subject to an administration fee of £10 per receipt. A verbal update on the amount of contributions may be provided free of charge.
  15. Contributors must tell us explicitly if they wish to remain anonymous.
  16. All Honeymoon Gift List contributions made before the final holiday balance is due will be deposited into the Honeymoon Gift List. The Contributor will be able to add a personal message and details of their contribution if they wish via the Travelbag website. It is the Contributors’ responsibility to complete the details in order for the Passengers to know who has contributed. Without this information being provided, the contribution will not be included on the summary of contributors provided to the Passengers after the wedding date. If Contributors wish to remain anonymous, their names will not be passed on to the Passengers. The Passengers may request a copy of all payment receipts once the Honeymoon Gift List is closed.
  17. The final payment for travel arrangements is due 12 weeks prior to departure, in accordance with our standard booking conditions. Therefore the Passengers must pay any outstanding balance in full by that time.
  18. The initial deposit on the honeymoon booking will be due at the time of booking in accordance with our standard booking conditions, unless the reservation is made with less than 12 weeks to go until the date of departure. In these circumstances, payment will be due in full at the time of booking.
  19. If the total funds collected in the Honeymoon Gift List are less than the balance due on the honeymoon, it will be the responsibility of the lead name on the booking to ensure the holiday is paid in full and on time.
  20. Contributions made following payment of the final instalment will still be added to the Honeymoon Gift List, up to (and including) the day after the wedding. Where the total balance in the Honeymoon Gift List exceeds the booking value, the surplus amount will be refunded to the Passengers. An amount up to the amount that the Passengers have paid themselves into the Honeymoon Gift List will be refunded back on the Passengers’ card used to make the original payment. The balance will be refunded as Travelbag Gift Vouchers. All refunds will be made after travel has been completed.
  21. Travelbag Gift Vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue and the Passengers may request that vouchers are issued any time up to 6 months after the Honeymoon Gift List is closed. Vouchers not requested within 6 months will be posted to the Passengers 6 months after the wedding date. It is the Passengers’ responsibility to update any change of address. Travelbag Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed against future Travelbag bookings. Vouchers must be mentioned at the time of booking and are subject to additional terms and conditions which can be found at https://www.travelbag.co.uk/GiftVouchers
  22. Travelbag Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  23. After the wedding date the details of contributions and personalised messages will be sent to the Passengers by email or post. The Passengers will be informed of the final amount contributed. In addition, the Passengers will be advised of the total balance remaining in the Honeymoon Gift List and how and when this will be refunded to the Passengers.
  24. Should the honeymoon be postponed or cancelled, the Passengers should contact the Honeymoon Specialist immediately. This will enable us to close the Honeymoon Gift List as soon as possible to prevent further contributions being made.
  25. In the event of a cancellation of, or amendment to, the honeymoon, the standard supplier(s) cancellation or other applicable charges will apply, as per each supplier’s booking terms and conditions. Refunds will not be made to the Passengers or Contributors upon cancellation, where any cancellation fees apply.
  26. We will not be responsible for returning any contributions directly to contributors. This will be the Passengers’ responsibility.
  27. Travelbag strongly believes in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' personal data, including the information provided by you during the registration process. By opening a Honeymoon Gift List or making a contribution to a Honeymoon Gift List, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be reflected on this page and will be effective the date the changes are posted. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not authorized to use the Honeymoon Gift List option.
  28. Travelbag will not sell, share, license, or rent any identifiable information about you to any third party without your consent and will protect the information you provide to us. When you are asked for personal information, you are sharing that information with Travelbag, unless it is specifically stated otherwise.
  29. Information collected by you will only be used to administer the Honeymoon Gift List as detailed in these terms and conditions. Contributors’ details will be passed on to the Passengers, unless the Contributors have requested that their information remains anonymous.
  30. As part of your Honeymoon Gift List option, Travelbag may send the Passengers e-mails on how to use the Honeymoon Gift List, notification of contributions, reminders of important dates and tasks to be done.
  31. Please see our full Privacy Policy at https://www.travelbag.co.uk/Site-Terms for details of how data collected about you is used.
  32. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us before registering for the Honeymoon Gift List. By applying for the Honeymoon Gift List, or by Contributing towards it, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.
  33. Terms and conditions applicable to this arrangement will be those in force at the time you register your Honeymoon Gift List. We reserve the right to amend such terms and conditions.


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