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Mexico Honeymoons

Mexico is one of the most exciting destinations on the planet. The country’s cultural legacy is second to none, with its ancient Mesoamerican cultures being responsible for some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sites. Yet modern Mexico is a place of vibrant cities, gorgeous coastal towns and friendly people. Mexico’s landscape ranges from palm-studded beaches to tropical jungles and cactus-studded deserts. This is the honeymoon destination for couples who want to combine relaxation with adventure.

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Honeymoons in Mexico

If you’re after a honeymoon holiday that’s a whole lot more than just gorgeous beaches and luxury resorts, then Mexico is the answer. Maybe the two of you have always dreamed of visiting this lively Latino country together, drawn by the tropical coves, fabulous food and cultural attractions? Whether you’re bird spotters, foodies, culture vultures, beach dwellers, sporty types or a little bit of everything, you’ll be glad you chose Mexico as your honeymoon destination. Cycle, hike or ride horses across the majestic landscapes of the Sierra Madre Occidental and its Copper Canyon, go whale-watching in Baja California, and beach-hop along the Pacific Coast. The Yucatan Peninsula is crammed with glitzy resorts and sleepy sun-kissed beaches. It’s’ also home to the world’s second-biggest coral reef, as well as opulent colonial cities and mysterious Mayan sites. The Bajio – lowlands – is the place for impressive Spanish architecture while, in the Gulf region, Caribbean and Latin America vibes come together in an irresistible fusion of flavours, sights and sounds. 


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Why choose a honeymoon in Mexico?

High season in Mexico runs from December to April, when you can expect cloudless skies, generous sunshine and comfortable temperatures hovering around the high twenties. Outside these months, there can be rain along the coastal regions, or uncomfortably hot temperatures. But, generally, you can expect to get a good dose of vitamin D whenever you visit Mexico. Being such a diverse country, Mexico allows you to really tailor-make an itinerary that reflects your unique interests. Weave together serious downtime with exhilarating trips to world-class attractions, plan long days immersed in nature, and evenings filled with live music and dancing. Enjoy private dining in beachside resorts and cocktails at sundown on a luxury yacht. Mexico City is brimming with hip cafes, art galleries and illustrious museums like the National Anthropological Museum, home to the Aztec Stone Calendar. At Travelbag, we’ll work with you to find your ideal luxury accommodation, book therapeutic treatments in couples spas, and recommend the best places for romantic private beach walks. We can even secure candle-lit tables for two at gourmet restaurants. It’s your honeymoon, so let your imagination run wild – our experts will figure out the details. 

Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Mexico

Things to do in Mexico

Curious Facts about Mexico

Mexico’s official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos – the United Mexican States. Mexico City is built over the ruins of a great Aztec city, Tenochtitlan. It’s the highest and oldest city in North America, as well as one of the largest. It was built over a lake and is sinking at a rate of around 6-8 inches a year. When it comes to food, along with tequila and tacos, you can thank Mexico for chocolate, chilli and corn – some of the country’s main exports. Caesar Salad was invented in Mexico, too. Contrary to popular belief, it is Mexico – not Egypt – that’s home to world’s largest pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the biggest man-made structure ever built. Mexico also has the world’s smallest volcano – Cuexcomate is just 43 feet tall. 

A Colourful Past

 There are few countries with such an interesting history as Mexico, largely thanks to two important historic peoples – the Mayans and the Aztecs. In fact, Mexico has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the Americas, with new discoveries still being made. Known for their gruesome habit of human sacrifice, the Aztecs offered around 250,000 people to their gods. The Mayans were fierce warriors and fought their battles with the help of hornets – they would throw nests of the aggressive insects at the enemy. Both civilisations left behind some of the most sophisticated monuments ever built by mankind. When Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortés arrived in 1519, the Aztecs offered him a welcoming cup of hot chocolate – the ‘drink of the gods’ – believing him to be their returning saviour. Cortés then proceeded to conquer the country. 

Top UNESCO Sites in Mexico

Packed with places deemed to be of outstanding value to humanity, Mexico is a fascinating place. The historic centre of Mexico City has five Aztec temples and the biggest cathedral on the continent. Just 30 kilometres away is the surreal watery world of Xochimilco, where colourful boats glide through ancient canals. The pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan is an absolute must-see, with the Mayan ruins of the Palenque, El Tajin, Uxmal and Chichén Itzá all remain today. Mexico’s natural world is equally impressive. The unique biosphere of Sian Ka’an – meaning ‘Origin of the Sky’ – contains tropical forests, mangroves, marshes and a barrier reef. Whether the sights have been made by man or Mother Nature, Mexico has more than its fair share of sights – where better to start your married life than in a country that combines passion, beauty and ancient wonders?

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