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Mauritius Honeymoons

Mauritius Honeymoons

“Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius,” said Mark Twain, who certainly didn’t stay in the kind of luxury accommodation that’s available now. It may not have had opulent villas in 1896, but Mauritius certainly did have the same palm-fringed beaches and warm cobalt-blue waters that you’ll find today. Floating off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius is known for its world-class diving, pretty colonial towns and fabulous food. Whether you’re dreaming of long days on a beach, or white-water rafting for two, you can create your ultimate Mauritius honeymoon with a personal holiday planner at Travelbag.  

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Honeymoons in Mauritius

Mauritius is so much more than a pretty face. If you can tear yourself away from the heavenly beaches, you’ll find endless activities to get involved in. The island is encircled almost entirely by a coral reef – the third-largest reef on the planet – which creates a vibrant underwater world in the breathtakingly-blue lagoons. The reef also protects swimmers from sharks and jellyfish – phew. If you’ve ever wanted to try diving, paddle-boarding or kitesurfing, this is the place to do it. But there are also plenty of activities on dry land. Mauritius boasts champion-standard golf courses and a stunning hinterland, criss-crossed by hiking trails. The north is the main tourist area, while the south is wilder, less populated and ideal for quiet holidays. Along the east coast, there’s a definite glitzy edge and some of the best powder-sand beaches. And the west coast is a favourite with families, thanks to its sand dunes and the best dolphin and whale-watching. Be sure to squeeze a pampering trip to a couples’ spa into your itinerary, along with a private dinner at a gourmet restaurant. It really is very easy to see why Mauritius often tops lists of the best honeymoon destinations in the world – and now you can see it all for yourself. 


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Why choose a Honeymoon in Mauritius?

Wildlife tourism is huge in Mauritius thanks to the country’s lauded efforts to conserve its natural beauty and protect its rare native species. In fact, the island can proudly claim to having saved more bird species from extinction than any other. Why not take a wildlife tour and track the Mauritius flying fox, the beautiful Mauritian kestrel or pink pigeon, one of the world’s rarest birds?  A boat trip to the Île aux Aigrettes will bring you face to face with giant turtles, or you can head to the François Leguat Reserve where a successful breeding programme keeps high numbers of tortoises wandering the grounds. The Black River Gorges National Park is the place for uninterrupted views of verdant hills, where the island’s last rainforest stands, clattering with animals and birds. Don’t miss spending an afternoon in the island’s capital, Port Louis, with its pretty waterfront bars, restaurants, museums and galleries. For culturally inclined couples, there’s the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Morne Mountain, which has become a symbol for the struggles of the Abolition Movement. Foodies will be in heaven at the Mauritian dining table, whether eating out in a five-star hotel or grabbing a snack at a beachside shack. The island’s cuisine relies heavily on fresh fruits and seafood in a cultural fusion that testifies to its historical inhabitants; think spicy Indian curries, creative Creole cooking, French flair and the notable presence of noodles, thanks to the Chinese. Mauritius has a tropical climate with an average temperature between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius all year round. 

Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Mauritius

What to expect in Mauritius

Fun Facts about Mauritius

Did you know that the dodo was only ever found in Mauritius? Prior to going extinct, the dodo had been around for about four million years. But the famous, ill-fated bird was wiped out just 100 years after the arrival of the Dutch, being a favoured food for supper. Although the dodo is extinct, you can still see one – it’s a prominent feature on the Mauritius coat of arms. You should also see one of the island’s main attractions, the Seven Coloured Earths. This surreal geological phenomenon in the south-west of the country attracts hordes of visitors each year. Interestingly, Mauritius has no standing army – and it’s just one of four countries in the world with no ‘ongoing international or domestic conflict and no tensions with neighbouring countries’. This might also explain why it’s so easy to relax in Mauritius.

A Little Bit of History

Mauritius was first discovered by Arab sailors who named the island ‘Dina Arobi’ sometime in the 10th century. Portuguese sailors then arrived in 1507 and changed the name to ‘Ilha do Cirne’. Finally, in 1598 a Dutch team arrived and named the island after their ruler, Prince Maurice. It would be another 40 years before the Dutch established a colony, and less than 100 years before they left. Then, along came the French, who already controlled the neighbouring Réunion Island, and Mauritius received yet another name – Isle de France. It flourished under the French East India Company and was a site of power struggles between the French and British in the Napoleonic Wars. The British eventually gained control and changed the name back to Mauritius. English and French are the country’s official languages.

Mauritian Wonders 

Trou aux Biches was named the World's Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Awards in 2011.This two-kilometre-long stretch of white sand is shaded by casuarina trees and palms, hemmed in by crystal-clear waters and made-for-snorkelling reefs. Its westerly direction makes it one of the best locations for watching spectacular sunsets. The island also has an underwater ‘waterfall’ – a breathtaking optical illusion formed around the largest shelf in the earth’s crust, where the ocean bed drops more than 4,000 metres.


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