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Jamaica Honeymoons

If you’re dreaming of a honeymoon destination that has natural beauty, an old soul and sunshine to spare, then one Caribbean island stands out – Jamaica. This good-looking hotspot has it all, combining art and history with beaches and rainforests. Famous the world over as the laid-back birthplace of reggae, Jamaica is a top choice for honeymoon holidays. Call the experts at Travelbag today, and you’ll be allocated a personal holiday consultant to help plan your ideal romantic getaway. 

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Honeymoons in Jamaica

For couples who want to spend some quality downtime together after their wedding, lounging in a double hammock at the edge of Jamaica’s calm ocean is probably one of the best honeymoon options. Laid-back Jamaica certainly knows how to take it easy – there’s oodles of romantic luxury accommodation here, from adults-only, all-inclusive beach resorts, to swanky eco-lodges deep in the jungle. Resorts are clustered around Montego Bay in the north, where you’ll find golf courses, a coral reef marine park, and British-colonial architecture. But Negril, in the west, is also popular for its turquoise waters, fabulous snorkelling, and its huge choice of waterfront bars and restaurants. If you’re keen to try diving on your honeymoon, head to the north-west coast, where most of the Jamaica’s diving schools and coral reefs are. Inland, the isle is a patchwork of waterfalls, rivers and tropical forests. There are plenty of ways to see it all. Hike through lush jungles, cycle along cactus-studded plains, or explore the Blue Mountains on horseback. Whether you want to search for rare birds, zip-line through the canopy, or unwind on white sands, Jamaica ticks all the boxes.


Jamaica Holidays | Jamaica All-inclusive Holidays

Why Choose a Honeymoon in Jamaica?

It’s almost always a good time to visit Jamaica, thanks to the year-round balmy temperatures – it remains a steady 25 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. And Jamaica’s natural diversity means that, even if the north coast is getting its annual downpours, the south coast stays sunny. Across the island, you’ll find luxury spas and wellness centres in most resorts, offering therapeutic and pampering sessions. Enjoy open-air treatments with coconut oil and coffee bean scrubs, to a soundtrack of waves lapping at the beach. Having a full-body massage together in a couples' spa is one of the most relaxing things you can do as newlyweds – it’s a great way to help you switch to the slower pace of life on arrival in Jamaica, or just to get ready for a special evening out. Dining on your honeymoon in Jamaica should be a first-class experience. Have a private beach dinner, lit by flickering torches and candles, with sweeping ocean views. Tuck into sweet-and-spicy Caribbean flavours at your table for two, washed down with rum-infused cocktails.

Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Jamaica

Things to do in Jamaica

Top Attractions in Jamaica

YS Falls is one of the country’s most popular natural attractions, comprising seven waterfalls and crystal-clear pools surrounded by tropical gardens. Dunn’s River Falls is another – you can even climb up this tiered waterfall, with the help of an experienced guide. The Blue Mountains, meanwhile, are a magnet for hikers and travellers wanting to experience rural Jamaica, with views across lush forests and rolling coffee plantations. For something more laidback, book a meandering river trip down the Rio Grande or Martha Brae on a bamboo raft. But nothing’s better than watching the romantic sunset from a west-facing beach – if you weren’t already married, seeing those golden views would be enough to get you down the aisle. 


Immortalised by Bob Marley’s song of the same name, Kingston is a whirlwind of hustle, bustle, drums and bass. Named a UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2015, Jamaica’s capital is pinned between one of the world’s largest natural harbours and the dusky Blue Mountains. Fizzing with creativity, style and attitude, Kingston is a world away from the island’s sleepy beaches – but it’s the heart and soul of Jamaica. Museums, galleries and colonial-era buildings make up the centre, while New Kingston is the place to go for swanky restaurants and romantic hotels. It’s worth strolling through the seven acres of open green space, iconic statues and palm-lined paths that form Emancipation Park. Bob Marley fans should obviously visit the Bob Marley Museum, set in the wooden colonial house where the king of reggae lived and recorded some of the world’s favourite music.

Interesting Facts about Jamaica

Want to know more about this tropical isle? When Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica in 1494, claiming it for Spain, he said it was “the fairest isle that eyes ever beheld”. In-keeping with the island’s love of rum, Jamaica has more rum bars per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. By contrast, the country also has a habit of producing excellent athletes. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, hails from Jamaica. Plus, in 1988, Jamaica was the first tropical country to send a bobsled team to the Winter Olympics – the film ‘Cool Runnings’ is loosely based on this unlikely achievement. Golf fans will be excited to hear that Jamaica is home to the oldest golf club in the Western Hemisphere. Founded in 1865, the Manchester Golf Club is set amid rolling hills and is still a popular place for a putt.

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