Bali Honeymoon Holidays Honeymoon Holidays

Bali Honeymoon Holidays

Known as the ‘Islands of the Gods’, Bali is a top destination for newlyweds. The tropical Indonesian island is synonymous with pristine nature, thanks to its towering volcano, lush paddy fields and paradise beaches. Relaxing Bali is home to an abundance of world-class spas, where you can unwind with ancient, traditional treatments. Book today and start working with your dedicated travel expert at Travelbag to design the honeymoon of your dreams. 

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Honeymoons in Bali

Surrounded by literally thousands of islands, Bali remains the clear winner in terms of beauty and romance. The sunsets seen from this Indian Ocean hotspot are some of the most breathtaking in the world, and the unspoilt beaches are ideal for those romantic private beach walks. When you think of dining in Bali, think of delicious, exotic flavours and candle-lit tables for two set right on the beach, or private pavilions overlooking sweeping rice terraces. But Bali is not just beautiful – it’s also a place that offers fascinating cultural experiences. Life here is steeped in tradition and myth. Visit sacred places like the incredible Tanah Lot – a temple out at sea – and explore the cultural villages of the Ubud region, where traditional art and crafts still flourish today. And the island’s jungle-clad mountains are teeming with exotic wildlife. Nature-loving couples should go for a hike to see the criss-crossing rivers and tropical vistas. Whatever you’re into, your personal assistant from Travelbag can help you pull together everything you love into one unique itinerary. You can combine hiking, cycling, canoeing, surfing, snorkelling and diving – or simply unwind on a powder-soft beach. The choice is yours. 

Why Choose a Honeymoon in Bali?

OK, so it’s beautiful, but it takes something extra to become a holiday destination of Bali's calibre. Bali is beloved by almost everyone who arrives largely due to the extraordinary friendliness of its people. Playful and polite, the Balinese charm visitors with their open hearts and smiling faces. The island is literally chock-a-block with cultural highlights; you’ll find around 10,000 temples and 20,000 flower-covered shrines here. Being a majority Hindu country, yoga has been practised in Bali since time immemorial, making it the perfect place to improve your poses or to try the ancient physical, mental and spiritual discipline for the first time. Bali has also inherited a long heritage of natural Ayurvedic therapy, which uses some of the most well-researched techniques for physical rejuvenation, healing and beauty treatments. Why not sample a hot-oil massage in a couples' spa, perhaps on the beach to the sound of the waves? Intimate, luxury accommodation should be at the heart of your honeymoon. Talk to us at Travelbag about your choices, from gorgeous jungle resorts to hip ocean-side villas, glamping on the beach or staying in an opulent tree house surrounded by paddy fields. 

Things you never knew about Bali

Myths and Traditions in Bali

The active volcanoes that make up Bali’s spectacular landscape have had some interesting effects on the island and its people. Mount Agung is the country’s most sacred place, and locals will always try to sleep facing it. Shrines and temples are also built facing the perfectly conical volcano, which is thought to be a replica of Mount Meru – the central axis of the universe. And Bali is possibly the only place in the world that doesn’t start the New Year with a bang. Instead, it starts with silence. The day-long celebration of Nyepi marks the Saka New Year – one of two calendars active in Bali – and the whole island shuts down, as people spend the day in silence and quiet reflection.

Record-breaking Bali

Bali comes out on top for a few curious things. First off, it produces the world’s most expensive coffee. Kopi Luwak is a prized brew harvested from the droppings of a small nocturnal mammal that feeds on the choicest coffee berries. Bali is the place where you can try authentic, ethically sourced Kopi Luwak coffee for yourself. Secondly, this small island has a whopping 1,200 spas. With everything from ultra-luxurious spa suites to simple huts on the beach, Bali is definitely one of the best places to indulge in a couples' spa on your honeymoon. And finally, Indonesia is one of the largest chocolate producers in the world, after Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The Bamboo Chocolate Factory in Bali is the largest commercial building made from bamboo. 

Fun Facts about Bali

If you’re still undecided about choosing beautiful Bali for your honeymoon, here are a few facts to whet your appetite. Anchored in the “coral triangle” – an area dubbed the “Amazon of the Sea” for its marine biodiversity – the waters around Bali are home to around 600 species of coral, 2,000 species of fish and five kinds of dolphin. If you want to see flipper and friends, you’ll need to get up before dawn to join the most successful dolphin-spotting trips. The people of Bali are incredibly friendly – so welcoming, in fact, that you won’t see any entry gates anywhere. The island’s warm culture has led to gates becoming somewhat taboo. And finally, contrary to popular belief, volcanic Bali isn’t just home to golden-sand beaches – you’ll find black-sand beaches here too. 

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