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Canada Holidays

Marvel at the glory of nature on an all inclusive Canada tour package:  Witness bears splash in waterfalls as they gorge on the salmon rush, trek through the mountain passes of the Canadian Rockies and gawp at the Northern Lights display across a network of 40 national parks. Book one of Travelbag’s tour packages to start and end your Canada trip in heavyweight cities like the leafy Vancouver, medieval Montréal and cosmopolitan Toronto.

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Holidays in Canada

Bleak stretches of Arctic tundra pocket marked by still glacial lakes and seasonal rivers fringed by conifers that turn mountainous corners. For most, it’s the wilderness and wild open spaces that best tells the great Canadian adventure story. Travelbag has an extensive list of holidays in Canada, the world’s second largest country. In the Canadian summer holidays, visit the vibrant city of Toronto that springs to life with events like the Toronto Jazz Festival. Book one of our Niagara Falls hotels and listen to the thundering cannonade of its waters before spending the afternoon ambling in the handsome town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, ice cream in hand. Make for Montreal’s jazz bars and order steaming plates of poutine after cocktails or cycle over bridges from island to island along the Vancouver coastline. September holidays in Canada are all about getting lost under the boughs of gold and crimson maple trees, like those in Algonquin Park. In winter, hit the slopes in Whistler Ski Resort just outside Vancouver or go ice walking in Alberta. As spring comes back around, everything bursts back to life again. Bears emerge from their hibernation dens just as Canadians spill out onto the streets to get a taste of food festivals that have put cities like Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver on the international cuisine map.

Essential Information

Eastern Canada

Take a trip to Toronto – Teedot – for a Canada beach holiday. It’s a fair distance from the Atlantic shoreline but the Lake Ontario waterfront has been converted into makeshift beaches complete with volleyball courts and sun loungers. It’s a welcome respite on a Toronto city break. Moving north; Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador are cluttered with freshwater lakes and rivers that beckon swimming, white water rafting, kayaking and wild swimming. Or jump in a boat and feel the spray on a Niagara Falls tour. Choose one of our Montreal holiday packages and you’ll be dining on European cuisine in cool French ambience. Jazz bars, cafes and boutique shops have all found a home away from home in colonial buildings along cobbled streets. Or will you find flights with Travelbag to Nova Scotia, famed for its maritime history and the mysterious Sable Island.

Western Canada

Customise your Canada holiday package and embark on a rail adventure tour from Vancouver. Ride forlorn tracks up into the Rocky Mountains to see the snowy alpine landscapes on a Jasper and Banff National Park tour. They're tormented by knife sharp glaciers and darkened by shaggy pine forests. Go in the opposite direction and go whale watching off Vancouver Island along the Pacific coast. On the British Columbia mainland, sodden grizzlies snatch and grab at salmon in waterways that freeze and thaw with the seasons. Vancouver, high ranking on the ‘world’s best places to live’ list, is best explored along its hiking trails and biking routes, woven into the city’s design. Visit in the winter for skiing and ice climbing. There’s Vancouver’s Whistler, North America’s biggest ski resort, well known for its powder soft snow and class act restaurants and hotels.

Central Canada

The prairie city of Calgary sits in the shadow of the Rockies and lends itself well to family holidays to Canada. In the summer, mountain bike around the fragrant pine forests of Banff National Park and swim in Lake Minnewanka. Or hike up to Valley of the Ten Peaks and look down on the 24-carat waters of Lake Moraine. In the winter there are world class snowboarding and skiing opportunities in Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Norquay. Dawdle around Calgary town after descending from the mountains to discover its agricultural roots, best showcased by the Stampede Festival in July. Further north in Churchill you’ll have to keep a safe distance from Manitoba polar bears that stalk seals on the pack ice along the Hudson Bay waterfront. Central Canada works well as a Canada multi-centre tour or when included on a Canada rail tour.

Best Time to Travel

Canada follows the same weather patterns as Europe with four well defined seasons in most parts of the country. Each season has its own draws; Canada summer holidays are gloriously hot and long, for many the most opportune time of the year to visit big cities Vancouver and Toronto that explode into life. Winters are extremely cold (many national parks are closed), prime time for skiing, snowboarding and the northern lights in the far north. Perhaps the best time of year to visit is the spring when wildlife emerges from the long winter hibernation and crowds haven’t yet bulked out. Autumn too is popular for wildlife experiences, the salmon run attracts large numbers of bears in British Columbia and polar bears descend into northerly reaches to hunt as the snow and ice set in. Search by state using the tabs above for more indepth weather detail by region.

Why Travelbag?

Search and find Canada holiday packages with Travelbag today. We’ve got great offers on all inclusive holiday packages that save you money on flights and accommodation. Fly to major Canadian holiday destination cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on the Pacific coast for cheap rates.

Whether you’re into winter sports activities like skiing the Whistler slopes near Vancouver or hiking and trekking national parks like Banff and Jasper, Travelbag travel experts can advise you on your Canadian holiday package.

Call our customer services department on 0207 001 5243 or visit us in one of our branches to arrange and book your Canada getaway today. Our phone lines are open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am until 6pm on Saturday and 10am until 5pm on Sundays.

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