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Borneo holidays are a world away from home, with breathtaking scenery, incredible rainforests and a vast array of wildlife amongst the many attractions bringing visitors here year in and year out.


3 Star Borneo Holidays

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See the amazing sights of Borneo on an unforgettable holiday at one of the warm and welcoming 3 star hotels that invite you to enjoy plenty of affordable comforts that are sure to enhance your holiday experience.

4 Star Borneo Holidays

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Discover the beautiful region of Borneo with a stay in one of our impressive selection of stylish and excellent value 4 star accommodation. Choose from a wide range of stylish 4 star hotels for a comfortable and well-priced base from which to explore one of the world’s most ecologically diverse

5 Star Borneo Holidays

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Treat yourself to uncompromising standards of luxury with an enchanting stay in a Borneo 5 star hotel. Our carefully-chosen range of 5 star accommodation represents the highest standards of elegance and luxury to ensure you experience the Borneo holiday of a lifetime.

Borneo Multicentre Holidays

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Discover the ecological paradise of Borneo by combining this extraordinary destination on a comprehensive Multi-Centre holiday. Include Borneo on your Multi-Centre itinerary to Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore for the ultimate Asian adventure.


Home to the world’s oldest rainforest, the spectacular state of Borneo is an ecological haven with its endemic flora and fauna, a status that makes it a veritable paradise for those with a keen interest in nature.

Beyond that, Borneo is resplendent with tropical beauty, from the outstanding diving opportunities to be enjoyed around Sipadan Island to the beaches fringing the island pockets in Tunku Abdul Marine Park. The more intrepid may also take advantage of the fairly shallow – but still vast – Mount Kinabalu for the bragging rights of conquering a 4,000m high mountain.

Furthermore, a Borneo holiday is a unique chance to interact with nature like never before, most notably the cute Orang-utans of Sepilok and the eponymous inhabitants of Turtle Islands Park – truly unforgettable experiences...

Brilliant Borneo Borneo Highlights Borneo Highlights

Key Highlights of Borneo

  • Trekking into Borneo’s famous 130 million year-old rainforest
  • Making acquaintance with the iconic Orang-utans of the Sepilok Sanctuary
  • Diving into the crystalline waters around splendid Sipadan
  • Climbing the mighty 4,000m Mount Kinabalu
  • Escaping to the tropical paradise islands of Tunku Abdul Marine Park
  • Jungle touring in the lesser developed Sarawak

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Borneo, call us on and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.

Packing tips

Boasting the title of Asia’s largest island and home to the oldest rainforest in the world, Borneo is an ecological traveller’s paradise. With so much natural beauty to explore it is important to pack versatile clothing but don’t forget the days relaxing by the azure waters!

Borneo is a hot and humid place year-round so shorts and t-shirts are commonplace for the daytime. At night, be sure to have long sleeve shirts and light trousers to protect your body from the insects and mosquitos.

It is all about comfort so try to keep it casual. Swimwear is obviously a must and a light jacket to deal with the rain is important. Beach cover-ups and a sun hat along with supplies like suncream and aloe vera might well be important. If you are going up Mount Kinabalu then also have some warm clothing handy.

There are a lot of trips on Borneo, and these take you through rugged terrain and rainforest. If you are doing these then comfortable hiking shoes, or at least a good pair of trainers, is a must as well as a daypack. Try to make sure they are fairly water resistant, too.

Medicines and sundries tend to be available from local pharmacies, and they can be cheaper than Western prices.

Essential Information

  • Capital–Borneo is an island split into three countries. These are: Brunei, Malaysian states (Sarawak and Sabah) and Indonesian provinces (North, East, South, West and Central Kalimantan).
  • Currency-Each area has their own currency with the Brunei dollar, Malaysian ringgit and Indonesian rupiah respectively. If in doubt, the ringgit tends to be the only currency accepted across the island.
  • Language-In Brunei, Malay is the official language but English is widely spoken and that is the same across the Malaysian states. The Kalimantan has 74 languages with Indonesian being the official mother tongue.
  • Time Zone-GMT+7 hours

Weather in Borneo

As you might expect, the weather is constantly hot and humid. Humidity is often between 70% and 90% while temperatures go from 34ºC in the daytime to 22ºC in the evenings. An unevenly distributed terrain gets varied weather depending on the time of year you go and where you’re headed.

Sarawak has monsoon season between October and February with Sabah experiencing the most rainfall from November through January. Being mainly rainforest, the wet season shouldn’t put anybody off because it will be irregular and cooling while it will be wet year-round.

Sarawak has its dry season from June to August and Sabah is fairly dry during the months of February, March and April. The weather in Borneo is complicated and shouldn’t dictate when you go too much but peak tourist season is May through September.


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