2017/2018 Holidays to Bali

Here at Travelbag we offer our customers the trip of a lifetime with our holidays to Bali. We have been booking holidays from the UK to Bali for over 30 years, building a flawless reputation for providing our customers with a slice of paradise. We also offer a selection of flights to Bali from major UK airports to suit all budgets and time frames. Our fantastic 2017/18 Bali holidays do not compromise on quality and our carefully selected flights, hotels and tailor-made holidays provide luxury and comfort without breaking the bank. You can even book safely and securely with our range of hassle free, straightforward options. We are fully insured and ABTA protected for complete peace of mind.


3 Star Bali Holidays

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Experience the Bali holiday of a lifetime by selecting from our superb range of 3 star hotels and resorts, specially chosen by our travel experts. Experience this magnificent tropical destination with a 3 star resort that offers tempting beachside value without compromising quality and services.

4 Star Bali Holidays

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Relax in elegance with a stay in one of Travelbag’s specially picked 4 star hotels resorts. Travelbag has selected only the finest 4 star hotels and resorts for your pleasure, including many set on Bali’s stunning beaches and in the presence of the island’s striking volcanoes.

5 Star Bali Holidays

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Experience the Bali holiday of a lifetime by treating yourself to a spectacular luxury 5 star hotel. With its spectacular beachfront locations and dramatic inland scenery, Bali marks the ideal destination to book a premier 5 star resort in a setting of epic natural splendour.

Bali MultiCentre Holidays

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Considered one of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations, Bali is the perfect complement to any dream Asia holiday. A Multi-Centre holiday to Bali is a dream opportunity to combine this extraordinary tropical island with holidays Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more.


Frequently regarded as one of the world’s very best holiday destinations, it is no understatement to say that mere photographs do not do justice to the natural beauty and splendour of the spectacular island of Bali.

A veritable haven with its kilometres of powder soft sand, swathes of gloriously lush rice paddies and an engaging native culture, Bali successfully lives up to its reputation as a tropical paradise wherever you go and whatever you do.

However you envisage your dream Bali holiday, there really is no substitute for feeling those soft sands between your toes, sinking into the pleasure of a traditional massage or admiring the stunning landscapes for yourself...

The exciting city's of Australia Australasia Highlights Bali Multi-centre Highlights

Key Highlights of Bali

  • Feeling the soft sands of Bali’s stunning beaches between your toes
  • Riding a bike across a picturesque landscape lush rice paddies
  • Discovering the cultural centrepiece of Ubud
  • Indulging in a decadent spa treatment in magnificent tropical surroundings
  • Walking the unusual volcanic black sands of northern Bali
  • Visiting just some of the estimated 20,000 temples on the island

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Bali, call us on and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.

A Perfect day in Ubud Bali

by Amber Hoffman


BaliUbud is often regarded as the cultural haven of Bali and has been attracting artists for years. What was once an artist colony, feeding off the energy of the Balinese Hindu traditions, is now a tourist mecca bustling with restaurants, shops and spas. It is easy to wander down the main roads, including Monkey Forest and Hanoman, and be sucked into the tourist-driven spots. But, with a little advanced preparation it is possible to still find those special places that continue to offer something a little bit different.


At the centre of all things spiritual, the Yoga Barn on Jalan Pengosekan offers over 75 yoga and meditation classes a week. Start the day early with a 90 minute morning flow class, followed by a spirulina smoothie or a wheatgrass shot at the attached Garden Kafe. Set amongst rice fields and jungle, overlooking little fish ponds, it is a perfect place to start to feel the energy of Ubud.

After yoga, there are plenty of ways to spend the day. You can go shopping in downtown Ubud. Take a class on how to paint the gorgeous batik fabric, or learn how to make silver jewellery. Why not head out of Ubud to the woodworking village of Mas, to watch the specialist woodworkers in their element, carving intricate details from ancient petrified wood and stock up on some unique souvenirs.

After exploring the wood working village, head another thirty minutes north to the village of Tampak Siring and visit the Pura Tirta Empul for a purification ceremony. Frequented by Balinese Hindus, particularly on auspicious days, it is possible to visit the temple and join the locals by wearing a sarong and taking a dip into the refreshingly cold holy spring waters, to offer a blessing in a uniquely Balinese way. Offerings, made of folded banana leaf with flowers and incense line the purification pools, making the space all that more beautiful.

BaliBefore dinner, stop by the Cantika Zest spa for a one-hour massage costing next to nothing. Or, splurge on a two hour spa treatment, complete with massage, Balinese lulur scrub, and soothing floral bath. Cantika Spa is not only set among beautiful tropical scenery, but they also make all of their own organic lotions and oils, made on site in an outdoor kitchen from local ingredients. The owner, Ibu Ketut, is more than happy to show you around, and explain how she makes the soaps and creams. Spas are a dime a dozen in Ubud, but Cantika Zest is a truly special place.

For dinner, Ubud offers an array of vegetarian and organic foods at gorgeous spots like Sari Organik off the Ubud Main Road, or Clear Cafe on Hanoman. Why not grab a grilled tuna steak at Fair Warung, where a portion of your proceeds go directly to support a health clinic for the Balinese people. If you want more Balinese-influenced food, check out Biah Biah, located on Jalan Pengosekan and Jalan Goutama, for small plates of local delights. Or, head into one of the nearby villages north of the Ubud Main Road and check out Abe-Do Organic Warung in Kutuh Kaja or Putu’s Wild Ginger in Kutuh Kelod.

Ubud offers such a fabulous array of great dining options. If you are stuck, just ask a local for their favourite spot, which they will be glad to share with you.

Continue to explore the more spiritual side of Ubud and head back to the Yoga Barn for an evening class of Tibetan Bowl or Crystal Bowl meditation. Or perhaps you would prefer an evening of sound healing or ecstatic dance. Otherwise, enjoy some live music at Lezat or Jazz Cafe to finish off the perfect day in Ubud.

Bali Packing tips

A tropical paradise, Bali is known for being a picture-perfect location. Beautiful landscapes and soft sands, there are no half measures on this intriguing Indonesian island. Here is what to pack for the perfect trip.

Bali has been popular with tourists for years and this means that the country is well prepared for all your needs. From basic accommodation to five-star hotels, it caters for you, and you are likely to be able to find any sundries you have forgotten in the shops. Even still, the main rules apply, so don’t forget suncream, after sun, insect repellent and anti-septic cream.

A common theme for any packing is to pack as light as possible. Simple, right? Well it is a little easier when it comes to places like Bali. It is going to be hot so bring swimwear and casual clothes like shorts and t-shirts will be a necessity. Jeans are likely to be too hot but linen trousers and light shirts are perfect for smarter eveningwear – and keep the mosquitos off!

On your feet, flip flops are the standard for Bali. In the evening you may want a closed shoe for comfort but there isn’t much need for anything dressy. Keep in mind that if you are doing any trekking then you will need suitable shoes, and more versatile clothing while any trips to temples are likely to need clothing that covers shoulders and knees.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Denpasar.
  • Currency-Indonesian Rupiah.
  • Language-Balinese.
  • Time Zone-GMT+8 hours.

Weather in Bali

The colourful country has great rural scenery to go with postcard beaches and ocean vistas. This is thanks to the tropical climate that Bali is afforded. It is warm year round and daytime temperatures range from 20 to 33ºC.

October to April is monsoon season and along with high humidity you can expect heavy showers in the afternoons during this time. It is the wind more than the rain that is the problem during this period but you can still expect plenty of sunshine.

The dry season lasts from May to September and the high season for Bali is the May, June and July period. Surfers sometimes come later as May through October sees great waves on the peninsula’s western side.




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