The Travelbag Fiction Map of the World

Welcome to the Travelbag Fiction Map of the World! Here at Travelbag we’re looking to provide you with the ultimate holiday experience, and who doesn’t love a good book when they’re on their travels?

Our Fiction Map series will look at some of the most prominent works of art from countries across the globe. From albums you could put on your holiday playlist during your trip, books to relax with on the beach, to award-winning films to enjoy once you are back on home turf, we’ve tried to include something for everyone with our Fiction Map of the World!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the tour as Travelbag takes you across the globe and into the realm of fantastic fiction.

USA holidays Map Jamaica Jamaica Cook Islands Cook Islands Samoa Samoa template template Scotland Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland England Wales Canada USA USA Mexico template template template template template Brazil Jamaica Cuba Dominican Republic Antigua St Lucia Barbados South Africa Dubai Oman Seychelles India Sri Lanka Mauritius Maldives New Zealand Tasmania Australia Bali Borneo Japan Antarctica Thailand
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