When Harry Met Sally

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The Plot

Harry meets Sally when she gives him a ride to New York after the pair graduate from university in Chicago. What follows is one of the best-loved classic romcoms ever to have been made. As the film jumps through the characters’ lives while they each search for love, we as the audience are treated to a whole load of laughs, a few tears and some truly mouth-watering food, not forgetting the multitude of now-famous NYC locations that you can actually visit.

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Filming Locations

New York City

Destination Landmarks and Locations

Landmarks and Locations

  • Katz’s Delicatessen, New York City - The infamous lunch scene
  • Café Luxembourg, New York City - The dinner date scene
  • 32 West 89th Street, New York City - Marie & Jess’s Apartment
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City - The ‘pecan pie’ scene
Destination why you should visit

Why You Should Visit

The Big Apple is packed with exciting adventures for When Harry Met Sally superfans and keen travel lovers alike. Once you’ve finished zooming up and down the city’s vast grid of avenues and streets looking for those famous movie apartments and love scenes, it would simply be a waste if you didn’t pay a visit to the world-famous Katz’s Deli. The table the characters famously sat at is now marked with a sign that reads “Where Harry Met Sally – Hope You Had What She Had!” – if that’s not the photo opportunity of the year, we don’t know what is.

Destination Film Facts
  • Did You Know?

    During filming, director Rob Reiner was introduced to photographer Michelle Singer by the movie’s cinematographer. They got married during the year the movie was released, and Reiner states that finding his own happy ending helped make Harry and Sally’s feel more believable.

  • Did You Know?

    In the first draft of the script, Harry and Sally didn’t end up together. Ephron felt this was the most realistic ending, but hey, this is the movies!

  • Did You Know?

    Those sweet “how we met” interludes are real love stories. Reiner interviewed elderly couples about how they fell in love in preparation for the movie. He then hired actors to retell their stories on the big screen.