Slumdog Millionaire

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The Plot

This unlikely tale brought hope to our screens in 2008. Slumdog Millionaire follows the brutal upbringing of an 18-year-old chai wallah in Mumbai, who successfully answers every question on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. The film went on to win eight Oscars, including Best Picture, which is no mean feat for a movie that had no A-list stars (at the time) and almost didn’t get released to cinemas.

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Film Released


Gross Box Office

$163 million

Filming Locations


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Landmarks and Locations

  • Dharavi, Mumbai
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Why You Should Visit

Visit Mumbai and explore the colourful City of Dreams to have your very own Slumdog Millionaire-inspired trip. After all, the film may be over a decade old but Mumbai’s infectious energy offers plenty of travel inspiration.

Destination Film Facts
  • Did You Know?

    Slumdog Millionaire was nominated for 10 Oscars, but none of them were for acting.

  • Did You Know?

    The film was dropped by Warner Independent Pictures and almost became a straight-to-DVD movie, until Fox Searchlight Pictures picked it up.

  • Did You Know?

    Mercedes and Coca Cola asked for their logos to be removed from the film.

  • Did You Know?

    A.R. Rahman took just 20 days to compose the entire soundtrack.

  • Did You Know?

    Director Danny Boyle placed the money to be paid to the three lead child actors in a trust that is to be released to them at 16 upon their completion of school.

  • Did You Know?

    The production company has set up for an auto-rikshaw driver to take the kids to school every day until they’re 16 years old.