Black Panther

Destination film plot

The Plot

The spectacular American superhero film, based on the Marvel Comics character, Black Panther is set in a utopian African nation, Wakanda. In this movie adaptation, T’Challa (Chadwick Bosman), returns home to take his rightful place as king when his enemy appears; this conflict puts Wakanda’s fate at risk.

Destination film statistics

Film Released


Gross Box Office

$1.23 billion

Filming Locations

Multiple locations

Destination Landmarks and Locations

Landmarks and Locations

  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Warrior Falls
  • Busan, South Korea
Destination why you should visit

Why You Should Visit

Since Black Panther has been nominated for both Golden Globes and Oscars, you might want to visit the filming locations before they become tourist hotspots.

Destination Film Facts
  • Did You Know?

    The success of Black Panther is getting translated into travel searches, with Wakanda Park in Menomonie getting into the wish list of many travellers

  • Did You Know?

    The cast and stunt team practiced with African drums played by musician Jabari Exum so that their movements would have a musical quality found in many African-based martial arts

  • Did You Know?

    Over 25,000 cubic feet of foam was used in the Warrior Falls set, which was sculpted to match the rocks in Oribi Gorge in South Africa

  • Did You Know?

    Black Panther is the highest grossing superhero-film of all time