Find out how to survive and thrive on long-haul flights with tips from our favourite bloggers.
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Ask the Bloggers – Long-Haul Flight Tips

by Travelbag on 20 June 2017, 09:06AM

Long-Haul Travel

Flying long-haul can fill even the most seasoned traveller with dread, but it needn’t do. We’ve chatted with some of our favourite bloggers about their tips for not only surviving but also thriving on your next long-haul flight.

‘My top tip would 100% be get some sleep. You need all the energy you can get for landing and being in a completely new place for your holiday. Nothing worse than being tired and missing out on valuable holiday time.’

Amelia Boswell – The Curly Haired Girl

‘Check out the seating plan for your flight on Seat Guru to find the best seats and avoid those that don't recline much, or are near the bathroom.’

Heather Cole – Conversant Traveller

‘My top tip for flying long-haul is to invest in a pair of compression leggings and to keep getting up to stretch. The leggings stopped any swelling-up and were really comfortable to fly in. On my last long-haul flight I was doing a bit of yoga at the end of the aisle; the air stewardesses thought I was hilarious. Although I looked a bit odd, it really helped me feel better once the flight was over.‘

Rebecca Henderson – Bright Lights Big City

‘In the lull following the meal service and lights out, take this time to prepare for bed as you would do at home... Mirroring your bedtime routine will aid in getting a good sleep on the flight.’

Becky Cullen – Girl Goes To

‘Part of being warm and comfortable, in my opinion, is bringing a large scarf with you on board. I like one that can be wrapped around my neck for warmth, balled up and used as a pillow, or spread out and used as a tiny blanket.’

Heather Hopkins – Art. Travel. Eat. Repeat.

‘My number one tip for long haul flights is to keep yourself entertained. I don’t fly without making a fun, travel inspired playlist, I'll bring a couple of good books to read and I'll take advantage of the in-flight movie options.’

Anna Dennis – Bright Eye Blog

‘If you can, stay overnight in a hotel near to the airport the day before you travel. Being that much closer to where you need to be eliminates so much stress, and means that you can actually relax before your flight instead of worrying about traffic jams and which bag you packed the passports in. Read the papers, have a massive leisurely breakfast and then head to your terminal – all of the major airports have plenty of hotels with excellent travel links. It also means that your holiday starts a whole day earlier, which is always a bonus!’

Sam Wills – Mouse, Moo & Me Too

‘Drink lots of water, eat light food if possible and take fibre to reset your “internal clock”.’

Kristi Murphy – Adventure Calls to Us

‘As soon as you're on the plane, adjust your watch and adapt your routine. During the daytime hours, stay awake and active. For night hours, start to wind down by changing into comfortable clothing, brushing your teeth and curling up with blankets and pillows to induce some sleep.’

Sima Sthanakiya – The Curious Pixie

‘Plan a schedule for the flight and make a plan of things to do to cover the number of hours you're flying. I usually take a book and plan to read for an hour or two and then watch a film or have a nap and repeat! (Don't forget to schedule in snacks and food!) I find it really helps break the time up and makes long-haul a bit more bearable!’

Nicole Causey – Because Nicole

‘My top tip for flying long-haul is packing some warm, fluffy socks. As it often gets cold, it is always nice to kick your shoes off and try to get some sleep.’ 

Emily Robbins – Emilie-Jane

‘Think of the flight crew as your new best friends. Be polite, engaging and courteous. Not only will you make their job a little more pleasant at 39,000ft but these people have access to the wine and snacks. So when you need a little 4am Chardonnay pick-me-up, chances are they might be more inclined to help you out if you have been a pleasant human being during your flight.’

Portia Jones – Pip and the City

‘Sync your phone time with your time at your destination and only sleep once it’s night-time at your destination. I often bring allergy medication (Benadryl) to help with sleeping in the right time zone.’

Karen Alexis – Wanderlustingk

‘Wait until everyone is seated and then switch to an empty row... then strap yourself in and lie out flat... who needs first class?!’

Alex Outhwaite – A Life Well Travelled

‘When you are travelling on long-haul flights it truly will be beneficial to invest in the best seat that your money can buy. Not everyone can afford one of those brilliant lie-flat business-class seats, but maybe you can afford to upgrade to one of the seats that offer extra leg room. If your airline allows you to pre-select your seat, you could also think about grabbing an exit row seat as they offer more leg room.’

Jolene Ejmont – Wanderlust Storytellers

‘If you've got enough mileage points accumulated, use them to fly business class. We all know what it's like to arrive at a strange airport after more than half a day (or sleepless night!) spent in a cramped and stuffy seat in economy. All you feel like doing is finding your hotel room and collapsing! It's so easy to think that flying business class is out of reach, but a mileage points upgrade can be surprisingly easy to achieve and is the most cost-effective use of your points. It is undoubtedly luxurious, but do you know what's even better? That fresh, energised feeling you'll have as you step outside the airport and start your day on the opposite side of the world!’

Andrew Strikis – Fork and Foot

Now that you’re armed with these long-haul flight tips, explore our interactive map for inspiration from some of the greatest journeys and explorers throughout history!

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