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Visiting Dubai in the Winter

by Travelbag on 03 September 2014, 17:09PM

With the summer now drawing to a close, it is time to escape those inevitable cold weather blues with a well-earned trip to sunnier climes. It is time to ditch the stormy skies and steadily darkening evenings of home for an overdue fortnight in the sun. The question is, where are you going to jet off to? Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for winter travel, due to the fantastic facilities on offer.

It has everything that intrepid holidaymakers dream about – from the most fantastical indoor ski rinks, to state of the art water parks, beautiful beaches and some of the most impressive architecture in the world. It is a city that has become synonymous with luxury over the last two decades, so it is the perfect choice for anybody who wants to be pampered to within an inch of their life this winter. You haven’t heard the best part yet – winter afternoons in Dubai generally reach around 25 degrees.

If you are looking for luxury, Dubai is everything that you could ever want or need. It is one of the few places in the world that has managed to find a balance between industry and nature.   

This is a guide to the top 10 reasons why you should consider Dubai this winter.


Dubai Is Hot All Year Round

Dubai enjoys a consistently warm climate, even in the heart of winter. In fact, winter afternoons here average at around 25 degrees centigrade, and winter evenings fare well too at a balmy 15 degrees.


It Is Easily Accessible

Whilst you to spend twice as long on the plane to get to Dubai, as you might to get to Spain or Greece, the Arab Emirates is a lot closer than most people realise. It can be reached in seven hours from a London airport – just the right amount of time to have a nap, enjoy a light lunch and get ready to start your holiday. There are more than 125 direct flights to Dubai from the UK every week.


The Beaches Are Beautiful

This city is primarily thought of as a centre of commerce and industry, but it also has some spectacular natural attractions. Jumeirah beach consists of soft white sands and the azure blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.


It Is Great For Shopping

Dubai Happens to be a haven of tax free shopping, offering a huge range of stores to please all tastes. You can find anything and everything here - from designer clothes to Bedouin jewellery, textiles, antiques, perfumes, handbags and shoes. If you like your winter holidays to include a shopping spree, there is no better place in the world for it than here. 


There Are Plenty Of Spa Treatments

Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury spa treatments in Dubai. Its spa treatments centres all have their own unique style and theme too, which means that you can carefully choose the type of pampering session that you’d like to indulge in. It should come as no surprise to find that most draw on inspiration from the east or west, with Egyptian and Thai spas amongst the most popular with tourists. 


You Can Stay In A Great Hotel

The diversity of the hotels in Dubai is just as impressive. At Travelbag, we are dedicated to bringing you only the very best that this city has to offer. You could try the five star Habtoor Grand Resort, with its luxury spa and charming underground British pub – a great place to hang out, if you are craving something familiar. If privacy is what you’re looking for, try the Jebel Ali Gold Resort & Spa. It is nestled in an exclusive tropical gardens and it has its own private beach.


The Activities Are Exciting

There is a good reason why Dubai has a reputation for being the sporting capital of the Middle East. You can get involved with anything from tennis to golf, rugby, powerboat racing, even skiing. Yes, that’s right – Dubai has several indoor ski centres. You can try your hand on the slopes in one of the driest, hottest places on the planet. 


The Cuisine Is Tremendous

Not a lot of attention is given to the cuisine of Dubai, which is a shame as it boasts a wide variety of geographic and cultural influences. You’ll never struggle to find a good restaurant in this city, that’s for sure. Plus, you don’t have to eat traditional if you don’t want to. It is a city that has, in many ways, devoted itself to the entire world – you can get cuisine from any corner of the planet here. 


There Is Lots To See

This really isn’t an overstatement, as you can get involved with everything from camel rides to desert tours in Dubai. You name it, there’s a tour guide ready to help you explore it. If you’ve always wanted to trek through the desert this is your chance. If you have always dreamed about cruising the malls and souks of a grand Middle Eastern city, this is also the place to do it.


You’ll Have An Unforgettable Trip

Dubai is a city that offers visitors a unique fusion of east and west. It is filled with beautiful mosques, souks and traditional markets, but it is dedicated to modernity and western life as well. With a holiday in this part of the world, you don’t have to choose between tradition and luxury – they exist together in Dubai. There is only one city in the world that can currently claim to have an indoor ski slope in the desert and it is Dubai, a city where dreams have and continue to be remade.

For help and advice on organising the perfect winter trip to Dubai, or for more information on the package holiday deals available at Travelbag - click here, or call one of our friendly consultants direct today on 0845 543 6615. 

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