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3 Star Hawaii Holidays

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4 Star Hawaii Holidays

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5 Star Hawaii Holidays

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Hawaii Highlights

From the frothy waves of Honolulu’s iconic Waikiki Beach, to the moon-like craters of Halekale, to the soaring volcanoes of ‘The Big Island’, Hawaii is never anything less than truly spectacular.

Come for the sun, sea, sand and surf, but stay for the epic natural beauty that can be found across the state, Hawaii is rightly considered one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations, where one-of-a-kind landscapes, tropical weather and a thriving social scene will leave you enchanted.

Often labelled as a paradise on earth, a holiday to Hawaii is a chance to discover why the reality is as remarkable as the fantasy.

Hawaii Holidays Hawaii Holidays Hawaii Highlights

Key Highlights of Hawaii

  • Revelling in the ‘gateway’ to Hawaii on lively Oahu
  • Climbing the spectacular volcanoes on ‘The Big Island’
  • Crossing the ‘moon on earth’ at Halekala on the island of Maui
  • Being dazzled by the luminous colours of lush Na Pali on Kauai
  • Getting your surf on at Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach
  • Visiting the historic and poignant Pearl Harbour

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Hawaii, call us on 0871 703 4698 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.


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