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3 Star Maldives Holidays

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Experience the Maldives holiday of a lifetime by choosing from our excellent selection of 3 star hotels and resorts, specially chosen by our expert consultants. Indulge yourself on your own private island with a 3 star resort that offers tempting value in a truly spectacular setting.

4 Star Maldives Holidays

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Relax in elegance with a stay in one of Travelbag’s specially selected 4 star resorts. Travelbag has chosen only the very best 4 star hotels and resorts for your pleasure, most of which are located on their own private island with stunning beaches and incredible unbroken vistas.

5 Star Maldives Holidays

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Experience the Maldives holiday of a lifetime by treating yourself to a stay in an outstanding 5 star resort. With spectacular private island locations and world-class standards of luxury, our 5 star Maldives hotels are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking paradise for a truly unforgettable dream holiday.

Luxury Maldives Holidays

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Indulge yourself on a dream Maldives holiday by booking a fabulous luxury holiday resort with Travelbag. The Maldives is home to some of the world’s most incredible luxury resorts and Travelbag offers the widest selection at only the very best prices.


Sprinkled against the navy cloak of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is resplendent with extraordinary tropical islands that have earned it the hallowed title of the quintessential dream holiday destination.

With its pockets of emerald isles, ringed by sumptuous ivory-hued sands and turquoise-tinged crystalline lagoons, the Maldives’s spectacularly lavish resorts, extraordinary scenery and absorbingly relaxed lifestyle makes it the ultimate choice for those seeking a romantic escape.

Do as much or as little as you wish in the Maldives, but with sublime diving opportunities just steps from the shore, iconic resorts showcasing the very best in luxury and views that will take your breath away, know that a holiday to this exotic corner of the world will stay with you forever.

The spectacular Maldives Maldives Highlights Maldives Highlights

Key Highlights of the Maldives

  • Relaxing on one of Maldives’ majestic paradise islands
  • Indulging yourself in a luxury Maldives holiday resort
  • Feeling rejuvenated with a pampering spa treatment
  • Diving into a spectacular underwater world
  • Enjoying the romantic break of a lifetime in a stunning setting
  • Doing absolutely nothing!

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to the Maldives, call us on and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable travel experts.

Packing tips

Relaxation and pampering in paradise, the Maldives has become a romantic retreat for many. But, what do you need to pack when you head to the sparkling turquoise waters of this sumptuous island?

Year-round sunshine means that swimwear goes in first, and plenty of it; the beautiful white sands are likely to be a common port of call. Take something for covering up on the beach too as well as t-shirts, skirts, shorts and cotton clothing. It is all about lightweight fabrics that can keep you cool. On your feet go for flip-flops and sandals; maybe something a little more closed for walking in the water.

When the evening comes around, you might want something a little smarter but shorts or trousers with a nice shirt is more than enough. Long dresses are common and it’s all fairly casual.

Outside of this, a sun hat, sunscreen and insect repellent are important. Most things will be available at one of the resorts but for a premium price so try to carry what you need in terms of toiletries.

Essential Information

  • Capital-Malé is the capital of the Maldives. Formerly a walled city, it has a population of more than 100,000.
  • Currency-Maldivian rufiyaa. You get plenty for your pound but you often need to order them in advance from a bureau de change.
  • Language-Dhivehi is the official language although English is widely used.
  • Time Zone-GMT +4 hours

Weather in Maldives

From gentle mornings, through sunny days to breezy nights, the Maldives usually has the perfect weather. Throughout the year there is an average temperature of 30ºC and even if the rains do come they can be the perfect time for a walk and are another way to witness the beauty of the Maldives.

The tropical climate has two main seasons: dry in December to March and wet between May and November. The former is the high season for tourists while the latter sees some wind and rain. April is a transitional month and can be the best time for a great deal in the Maldives whilst the weather is still warm and the monsoons yet to arrive.


By Kristin Addis


The Maldives is a dream island destination located in the Indian Ocean between Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. For a while, it was limited to being the playground of the rich and famous and financially, it was out of reach for many. In fact, the first resort in the Maldives didn’t open until 1973. Since then, the tourism industry has boomed, bringing along all kinds of options for tourists of various walks of life.

With the rising availability of highly affordable flights from Europe and Asia, travelling to the Maldives is becoming cheaper and easier. Additionally, accommodation options meant to fit a much broader budget range are becoming the norm for would be visitors to the islands. Now, whether you want a super luxury holiday or something more in the “affordable luxury” category, there’s an option out there for you.

Maldives vacations begin and end in Malé where the international airport is located. From there, there are three options for reaching your destination: additional flight, private speedboat, or public boat. Depending on where your destination is and how many amenities are included in your tour package, this may already be arranged for you.

When in the Maldives, apart from enjoying the sun on white-sand beaches, the best experience of the islands is under the dreamy clear waters. Scuba diving, particularly on a live aboard boat (locally called a ‘safari’) is one of the best ways to catch the best diving spots around the Atolls. Please keep in mind it is recommended that your flight home is 24 hours after the time of your last dive, so at least one additional night on land is a must!

The island nation is pretty big, so it is worth noting that visiting this exotic paradise usually means spending one’s time in one spot, unless, of course, you opt for a vacation at sea. Boats are typically sure to depart during the high season from December to May, though are out and about all year-round. They range from a few days to a week or longer, depending on your interests.

For those who want a mix of land and sea adventures, staying in the Ari Atoll grants access to the best underwater sea life viewing. Since the fishing industry is limited to line fishing, meaning no nets and no dynamite fishing, the sea life is abundant and hasn’t fallen prey to over fishing. Be sure to book either a diving or snorkeling trip to see the Manta rays and the Whale Sharks, both of which are harmless creatures that are huge and truly spectacular to see. There’s also a good chance of seeing Hammerhead sharks when diving and the great thing is the Maldives is one of the only places in the world where you’re likely to see at least one if not all of these all year round.

If you’re not the underwater type, going deep-sea fishing is particularly fun, again because of the abundance of sea life. Both nighttime and daytime fishing excursions are a unique and exciting way to experience the sea without having to dive in headfirst.

There are a total of 1200 islands in the Maldives, and only 200 of them inhabited. Several resorts offer excursions to private beaches, where you can have a whole island to yourself. This is the perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners, and even for parents looking to enjoy some quality family time with their children at the beach with a picnic.

For those who want a cultural experience, visit one of the local islands, or spend some time in the capital city of Malé. It’s a great opportunity to mix with locals and explore a side of the Maldives that you can’t see or get from staying in a resort. Visit the golden-domed Grand Friday Mosque – the largest in the Maldives – in the Islamic Centre. Try the local foods, such as flat bread called Roshi, grilled fish, rice, curried vegetables, and a salad of shallots, lime juice, and canned tuna. Although locals abstain from alcohol, they imbibe in betel nut mixed with leaves and a dried powder of coral. If you’re feeling particularly brave, give it a try!

When visiting these beautiful islands, keep in mind that it is a Muslim country under Sharia Law, which means that pork and alcohol may not be brought in. If you’re staying at a resort, alcohol will be available for purchase within the hotel grounds. This also means that women should have their shoulders and knees covered when in Malé and/or any of the “local” islands, and men cannot go shirtless. On the resort islands, bikinis and clothing that does not cover the knees and shoulders is permitted. Be sure to withdraw money from the ATM when in Malé, as ATMs are not readily available elsewhere. US Dollars are typically also accepted and even preferred locally.

The Maldives is a fascinating vacation destination with a lot to offer visitors from a range of budgets and with varying activity levels. Any time of year, a visit of a week or longer is simply an unforgettable experience and a real treat for everybody.

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