Montreal and Quebec are two cities that are dominated by their European-influenced pasts and they are utterly charming because of it. Both cities are situated in the province of Quebec, which is the largest Canadian province by area and is the only one to have French as the official language.

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8 Day Eastern Journey

Old world meets new in this journey across the eastern lands of Canada where you can discover the colonial charm of Canada’s founding cultures that mixes itself in with the modern vibrancy of the bustling cities throughout the landscape.

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fr £1047.60
Tour including flights

8 Day Twin Cultures

Journey to three of Canada’s most beautiful, prominent cities on this tour as you traverse The Corridor on a comfortable rail journey that connects cultural Toronto, lively Montreal and charming Quebec with the added bonus of experiencing the rushing waters of Niagara Falls.

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fr £1115.16
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9 Day Patriot Trails

Travel from the culturally colourful lands of the United States to the majestic splendour of Canada and back again as you uncover the best the east has to offer in this dual-country tour that showcases cities and natural wonders in all their glory.

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fr £1300.34
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10 Day Best of Eastern Canada

Spend 10 days journeying not only through a beautiful, rich landscape, but also through time in a historical adventure which spans back to the 19th Century confederation years, leading you through some of the most prominent and cultural cities in Eastern Canada.

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21 Day The Canadiana

Eastern culture meets western splendour in this comprehensive tour that spans the beautiful lands of Canada. Immerse yourself in the hospitality and history found housed in each province as you journey through natural beauty and wondrous landmarks from one city to the next.

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Montreal & Quebec City Highlights

Both cities are greatly influenced by the French-infused charm that characterise their simply wonderful cityscapes. Visits to either (or both!) of these cities will enable you to sample the sheer influence that the Europeans had on Canada and the historical significance that both places still hold.

Leafy boulevards, grand architecture and cobbled backstreets, Montreal is the epitome of a historical European city yet will all the hallmarks of Canadian charm that enhances the experience of the visitor. The city is also as diverse as they come, much like many other destinations in Canada, there is plenty to see and do.

There are some splendid views of Montreal available from the peak Parc du Mont-Royal where the view offers a 360-degree panorama of the city while the park itself is quite a beauty spot regardless of whether it is the middle of the summer season or winter.

Quebec is the quintessential colonial-period city, with much influence emanating from France that gives the city its undoubted charm. Home to the largest fortification in North America, Quebec is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canada and has character dating back to the colonial age when the country was ruled by Britain and France.

Montreal & Quebec Montreal Highlights Quebec Highlights

Things to see in Montreal & Quebec City

  • The UNESCO Old City of colonial-French Quebec
  • Explore the shopping opportunities of Montreal’s ‘underground city’
  • Quebec’s Citadel, North America’s largest fortification
  • Marine wildlife watching in Saguenay-St. Lawrence marine Park
  • Explore Montreal’s and Quebec’s elegant and charming character with tours around both cities

If you would like to know more about Travelbag’s excellent tailor-made holidays to Montreal and Quebec, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0871 703 4707.


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