Holidays to Australia are a dream for many and with the country having an incredibly diverse landscape it is easy to see why. With snow-capped mountain peaks as well as the arid dryness of the central desert regions, Australia’s climate ensures that the country is perfect to visit all year round.

Map of Australia

Australia Holidays 2015/2016 – Holidays to Australia Map Northern Territory & Red Centre Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef New South Wales & Sydney South Australia & Adelaide Victoria & Melbourne Western Australia & Perth Tasmania

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Australia Highlights

Travelling to Australia comes with certain guarantees; one is that the land of Australia is so vast and varied that it is destination which will excite and inspire wonder in equal measures.

Explore the iconic city of Sydney where you can see the undoubtedly beautiful Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Visit Melbourne, where the cultural scene is simply breath-taking or visit Brisbane where the city simply won’t be intimidated by Sydney’s allure.

Alternatively, you could take a trip to the outback and visit the mysterious and spectacular Ayres Rock with its unbelievable red colour bathing the natural beauty. Australia has numerous diving opportunities and there is no better destination than the Great Barrier Reef located off the northern coast.

There are also amazing cultural events in Australia. In January on the 26th of the month, Australians celebrate Australia Day, which is a celebration of the past, present and future of the country. You can head to Sydney for the Sydney Mardi Gras in February and March or head to Adelaide in November for the Feast Festival and the subsequent Christmas Pageant.

The exciting city's of Australia Australasia Highlights Australia Highlights

Things to do in Australia

  • Witness the splendid attractions of Sydney with your very own eyes.
  • See the amazing colours that sunset brings in the outback with a visit to the outstandingly mysterious Ayres Rock.
  • Immerse yourself in the Australian culture with visits to the numerous festivals that are held throughout the year.
  • Relax on the outstanding beaches of the Gold Coast.

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Australia Packing tips

Going Down Under is your archetypal trip of a lifetime. Known for adventure, you don’t want to leave anything behind for this trip. So, start a checklist, research your destination and start preparing for your trip to Australia.

With such a vast country, there are bound to be different things required, depending what region you go to, and the time of year. Whether you need sturdy boots for a hike around Ayers Rock or a swimsuit for the Great Barrier Reef, be sure to take your time to pack correctly.

Remember that the seasons are the other way around in the Southern Hemisphere so if you are going in July then it may be more winter jacket than snorkel weather. In the summertime, it can be intensely hot so a hat, sunglasses and sun cream are all essential items.

A common clothing list is likely to include a: rain jacket, warm jacket, jeans, shorts, shirts, t-shirts and a sweater with going out shoes, flip flops and comfortable footwear for activities. Overnight and day bags are common because there are trips available across the country. Oh, and have your visa handy!

Essential Australia Information

  • Capital– A common quiz question, Canberra sits between the country’s two largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Not always on the radar for those travelling to Oz, it is a planned, green city with interesting museums.
  • Currency– The Australian Dollar is the official currency and these colourful notes come complete with some of Australia’s famous people. An expensive country, it has notes of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 it is a currency that tends to be immediately available from airports, hotels, banks and any bureau de change.
  • Language– English. While having no official language, Australians speak English. There are a few indigenous languages left in some parts and the country has many migrants meaning that languages like Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Italian and Mandarin are fairly common in the cities.
  • Time Zone– Due to the size of Australia, there are a number of time zones across the country. Western Australia, with its capital of Perth, is GMT +8 hours, the middle part (incorporating Northern and South territories) with Darwin, Alice Springs and Adelaide is GMT +9.5 hours while Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania with the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne is GMT +10 hours.

Weather in Australia

Australia is a large continent and the weather can vary depending on regions. A lot of the mainland is desert and this leaves a northern tropical climate with temperate weather in both the south-west and south-east.

Experiencing annual rainfall below 600 millimeters, it is one of the driest parts of the world and, being in the southern hemisphere, they have opposite seasons to the UK. This means that their seasons are:

  • Winter: June to August
  • Spring: September to November
  • Summer: December to February
  • Autumn: March to May

Let’s take a look at some of the popular tourist areas:

  • Sydney – Boasting sunshine for 340 days each year, it gets hot (26ºC) and humid in the summer months while dropping to 16ºC during the summer.
  • Melbourne – The city gets changing weather that goes from cooler winters (14ºC) to mild springs and warm summers (29ºC).
  • Adelaide – The driest city in Australia, summer months sometimes don’t get any rain at all while hitting 29ºC and the pleasant winters see temperatures around 16ºC with some rainfall (June gets around 80 millimetres).
  • Brisbane and the Gold Coast – Popular for the Great Barrier Reef, this part of the country comes with a subtropical climate. You can get upwards of 250 days of sunshine a year here and the summers tend to be hot and humid with a risk of rain and thunderstorms. Winters have blue skies with dropping temperatures in the evening.


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