We asked 1,000 Brits to name a famous Mexican

by Travelbag on 24 September 2013, 09:09AM We asked 1,000 Brits to name a famous Mexican


If you had to name one famous Mexican, whom would you choose? We posed this question to 1,000 Brits using Google’s Consumer Surveys, and the results were mixed, to say the least!

The Centaur of the North, Pancho Villa, topped the results, but just 0.1% behind the Mexican revolutionary was no other than Speedy Gonzales! The Looney Toon came a close second in our poll, with 7.6% of Brits voting for the diminutive speedster over the likes of Salma Hayek and Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

Carlos Slim has been ranked as the richest person in the world since 2010, but the Forbes rich list appears to be no match for the popularity of the Looney Tunes.


The Top 10 Famous Mexicans

1)    Pancho Villa – 7.7%
2)    Speedy Gonzales – 7.6%
3)    Carlos Slim - 7.5%
4)    Javier Hernandez – 5.7%
5)    Emiliano Zapata – 4.8%
6)    Frida Kahlo – 2.5%
7)    Sancho Panza – 1.4%
8)    Salma Hayek – 1.3%
9)    Sergio Perez – 1.3%
10)    Carlos Santana – 1.2%

For those not familiar with Sancho Panza, he was the (Spanish) squire of Don Quixote in the famous novel.

¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!
Cartoon characters stood out amongst the likes of Danny Trejo and Frida Kahlo, but it appears many people mixed up their marsupials! Pepé Le Pew and Mickey Mouse both featured amongst the answers, with some people clearly thinking of Speedy when answering ‘Road Runner’. The inclusion of Popeye the Sailor is slightly harder to explain! We do rather like the answer ‘Underlay Underlay’, which appears to be an attempt to quote Speedy’s famous catchphrase, but actually comes across as someone struggling with their carpeting efforts.

Viva la revolución!
It appears that some of our participants seemed to confuse ‘Spanish-speaking’ with ‘Mexican national’. Famous revolutionary figures such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Argentina’s Che Guevara both made the top 20.

Sports Stars
It is no surprise that sportsmen featured so heavily in the survey results. Footballers in particular made up a large percentage of answers, with Javier Hernandez on his own contributing 5.7% of all answers – including his ‘Chicharito’ nickname variants. Hugo Sánchez came in second out of the footballers, with 1% of those surveyed choosing the former Real Madrid star as their famous Mexican of choice, with former Gunner Carlos Vela the third most famous footballer, on 0.6%. Despite being considered one of Brazil’s greatest ever players, even Pelé was named amongst the results.

Raw Data Spreadsheet
If you would like to view the complete spreadsheet of answers, you can download it here.

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